Destiny Headache

I have a huge headache. I woke up with the headache. I went to bed with the headache. A lack of caffeine seems to be the issue. As regular readers know, I cannot stand coffee and while some of you may be tempted to suggest this or that cup of coffee, please save yourself the time. Coffee and chocolate taste bitter to me. Does not matter what is done with either, the bitter taste is there and I don’t like it. And yes, I have tried many cups of coffee.

Headache in hand or in head, I sat and watched my boy play Destiny. Bare with this, he plays Destiny in a such a way that both irritates me and makes me want to puke. He still refuses to take any advice that I have, which you would think would be the irritating part, but it is not. I expect him not to take the advice and then to turn to me and say, “But why did that happen?” That being his character being shot, stabbed, or blown to bits for the nth time. I get to say, I tried to…

The irritating play comes from watching him ignore the obvious and eat. Yes, you read that right. Our boy cannot play without food nearby. I don’t have a problem with snacking during video games, it is a time honored tradition. However, he takes it one step further, he will try to play with one hand while the other is rooting around the bowl of snacks. He doesn’t even try to get to a safe area before snacking, when the urge to snack happens he satisfies it right there, no matter what is happening on screen. When he isn’t snacking and playing, he is ignoring waypoint indicators, gets lost, then gets frustrated, and then asks me what went wrong. Um…you ignored that giant gray and white diamond that says, “HERE IS WHERE YOU GO!” He ignores other obvious signs as well, such as being shot at. In his single minded rush to get to the objective, which he lost, he ignores being shot at and that leads to the puking.

There are games that induce motion sickness in me when I play them and occasionally when I watch them. Destiny is one of those in the watch category. I can play the game just fine, but when I watch the boy play the dizziness, lightheadedness, sweats, and nausea all come out. Not in a fun, partied all night way either, but in a please for the love of deity stop doing what you are doing.

And what is he doing? Spinning around in a vain attempt to shoot or punch anything nearby, but he is spinning so fast that he cannot make out what is nearby between the flashing images and flash from whatever gun or power he is using. Then in the middle of it all, he jumps…and spins. If he ever gets into player versus player he will be dangerous because he will be so unpredictable and may even take out a few people with his spray and pray.

Me, I won’t be watching. Not without a bucket.


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