82 inches of Cordon Bleu

82 inchesThis is a photo of us taken by the very helpful Gamestop employee who spent the last hour or so sorting and checking in all of our Skylanders, Infinity, and Amiibo figures and bases. She wanted a photo for her bosses and we wanted a photo because, well damn look at the receipt and pile of plastic. The receipt is 82 inches long and we are less than 50 dollars away from an Xbox One. Mostly I want a permanent reminder to stop getting involved in games like this. They are fun at first, but all of them had less than 2 months of play for the entire family.

Why did we take all of that back (explaining why we had all of that is a much longer story and involves elements of our psychology that would best be left to a professional)? We are moving and I did not want to cart all of that around. The kids despite earning much of the money to purchase the figures and games stopped playing the games many months ago. In their words, “We’re done.” Well if they are done, Barb and I don’t play, and we do not want to cart it around why not see what Gamestop would give us. Thus, we come home lighter in unused toys.

Last night was an epic meal night and I did nothing other than offer some advice on how to. Our boy had an idea for dinner, chicken cordon bleu and potato chip nachos. In my head he had this idea as an apology for making me very nauseous while watching him playing Destiny. In his explanation, he loves chicken cordon bleu. Whatever.

Here is what happened:

Our boy with his scrawny arms used a meat mallet to pound two chicken breasts cut in half as flat as he could get them. Extremely humorous to watch. I sliced ham as thin as I could. Barb made a seasoned bread coating. After he rested from pounding the chicken, he took each piece and placed a ham slice and pile of Swiss cheese in the middle. Then he rolled them up. This made more of a chicken cordon bleu roll, but it worked. using toothpicks he sealed the roll. After that came an egg wash and dunk in coating. In the oven for an hour at 350 degrees.

For the potato nachos, Barb used the mandolin to slice the potatoes in the thick slices. She made a seasoning mix and he shake and baked the potatoes in the mix. Then into the oven until the potatoes were done. At that point cheddar cheese and crumbled bacon were added to heat until cheese melted. Serve with sour cream.

It was epic. He did a lot of the work himself and the work he did not do he was there to see how it got done. After all of that was done, but before serving, I showed him how to make a Swiss cheese sauce using a cup of shredded cheese, 1/3 cup milk, and 1 tablespoon butter in a pan (over medium heat stir until melted and combined, serve immediately).


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