The Large Chest, A Pathfinder Tale

TreasureThere were four mighty heroes, Damiel smart and crafty with potions; Lini wise with animals and with her deity; Amiri strong in muscle and with arms; and Ezren strong in mind and magic…what happened to the monk, much like Richie Cunningham’s older brother, he went upstairs and was never seen again.

Together these four heroes blazed a path through monsters, barriers, henchmen, and villains most foul. There was nothing that could stop them…until the large chest appeared in their midst. Never has a more fiendish encounter been seen and hopeful never will it cross their paths again.

Deceptively simple, be dexterous or strong to open to find treasures galore. Yet, three of the four might heroes were stumped for many a turn while the powerful mage Ezren trekked alone (I was playing Ezren). As the three mighty heroes attempted, repeatedly attempted, to open the chest Ezren closed out two locations on his own.

For those who do not play Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, Ezren is a character that works best with others early on, as most role-playing wizard characters do. I should not have been off on my own and done so well, but due to lucky draw from my deck and the location decks I closed out two locations.

What happened with the large chest? Amiri overconfident as usual declared, “I got this,” flexed her muscles and rolled a 1. Embarrassed, she burned a blessing, and rolled a 3. Damiel was next, as smart as he is, he took one look at the chest, one look at Amiri and said, “Why didn’t you take care of it?” Lini wandered over, nimble and dexterous, but exhausted from a previous encounter took a nap. For those counting Amiri, Damiel, and Lini 1 turn.

Amiri, flexed her mighty muscles, discarded a card, rolled the d12 and d10 and got a 5. Damiel, healed the mighty Amiri as her discard deck was filling up fast and the chest was nowhere near open. Rested, Lini declared, “I am here to support both of you, but I am not discarding a card to get a d10 to try and open this stupid chest,” punctuating her remark with a kick to the chest. Turn 2…

Ezren from across the table, “What the hell is taking so long,” holding up the head of a goblin raider.

With a mighty roar, the assistance of an aid spell, and some mumbling about lift with your back, and the timely discard of yet another card, Amiri ripped the lid off of the large chest. What lay inside? Was it worth 3 turns?

A spiked chain and returning throwing axe +1

Moral of the story…I don’t think there is one.


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