Farmers Market

Friday is farmers market day or second grocery shopping. Until we moved here I had never had regular access to a farmers market and now that I do, I cannot imagine not having one. Similar to an Asian or Indian or Mexican grocery store, all of which I have now and do not want to lose access to.

The farmers market here starts out slow, as in early in the season there are a few vendors with not much to offer and as the summer rolls on, more farmers and lots more to offer. Today was a particularly good day. After the kids made their mandatory stop at the “Popcorn Man,” he makes a variety of kettle corns on the spot and the kettle corn is like crack in that one piece and you are hooked for life, we went shopping. I like to visit each booth to see what they have and if possible purchase something from as many farmers as possible. I avoid the people selling pre-packed stuff like the plague, but if it is produce or home made bread I usually purchase something.

Produce from the farmers market always lasts longer in storage and tastes better. This was a huge day of shopping, not intentionally, but when it is in season I want to get it. Cucumbers, nappa cabbage, small potatoes, blueberries, wax beans, green beans, snap beans, candy onions, and sour apples to name a few things that I found. Beets, turnips, carrots-white and orange, and kale. No daikon, but there were blueberries, raspberries, and tomatoes. I was in seventh heaven stopping in to pick and choose vegetables.

The local Amish have a tent with excellent jams, jellies, pies, breads, and rolls. Several local farms have regular booths with seasonal goods. There is one booth, that at the end of each summer has peppers and chilies for sale-a favorite of mine. Last year they had ghost chilies for sale. Hot as hell and delicious to boot. Another booth selling homemade bread and giant cookies. The cookies are great. The bread is as well, but Barb makes better. This year a hot dog vendor was on site or at least nearby.

An hour later, we have two very full bags of groceries and two bags of kettle corn-one for the five minute ride home and one for later. The downside to the farmers market, it ends and we spent sometime figuring out where to put all of the veg. I didn’t have to spend anytime figuring out what to do with any of the veg, I had two recipes in mind for each thing I bought…except for the kale, I just want to fry that and see what its like.


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