Making the Most of Moving

I strive to ensure that our children are better off than either of us were. I think and hope that is what ever parent does, yes, that is right, ensure that our children are better off than either of us were/are. 🙂 There are a variety of ways that I work to do this from teaching them about money, responsibility, accountability, cooking, and so on. If you read this blog even a little you recognize much of what I am talking about. However, there are things I have zero control over…

such as friends. At the moment I do not have any issues with any of my children’s friends, I did one time, but that child and his problem family moved away. And there is the problem I have zero control over, not the bad child, our kids will encounter many bad people over their lifetime, better to learn about who is who sooner rather than later, the problem is moving.

When we moved here, four years ago, we hoped the kids would make friends and that when time came to move that we would be the ones moving and even then not so far away to make maintaining the friendship difficult; i.e. we move one or two towns away. That was our hope. Unfortunately what has been happening has been the opposite and only to our girl. She is way more social amongst her own age group than the boy is, he gets along better with adults, she has many friends at school and one here. Why one here, because despite this being family housing, there are not a lot of families with children here and the ones who are here are very insular or xenophobic, you take you pick of the word that describes the parents of children rarely seen outside unless moving to a car or from a car (before you think, “Oh that is just the foreign ones,” no that is everyone regardless of nationality).

Earlier this year, she came home in tears. Not because she had been bad, but because one of her better friends-the one you hear the most about until they have a fight and then you get a two day break before they make up and then you hear about them non-stop-moved. Moved without warning. She was heartbroken and it took her a few weeks before she made another friend at that level. All good.

The friend around here, now that school is over, and they are the only kids allowed to play with each other (no lie, there are three other children in our court and they are not allowed outside to play). They are good friends and the parents get along with us. We found out a couple of days ago that they are moving back to Saudi Arabia. Fine, they are students like us and moving was expected, but our girl and her friend when the situation finally dawned on them were crushed. They have a few days left before the move and every day they get up, play until they drop, and repeat.

I would like to keep that from happening to her, but we are going to move soon so at least she understands the process and is learning how to make the most of the situation. We are hoping to get an address so they can remain in contact (sorry to young for Facebook).



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