Halo Death Stories


Grenade or Frag out!

Look out, grenade!

Any of these are acceptable things to shout during a Halo co-op game to let your partner (i.e. me) that you have thrown a grenade in front of where I am running or that there is a grenade nearby that I may not notice. What is not acceptable, as I am flying through the air-dead-is “oops” followed by a giggle. It was funny especially after how we got there and if you have ever played Halo co-op then you recognize the end of a Halo Death story.

My boy and I are playing Halo CE (the remastered version) co-op. I played Halo CE when it was new. I played the shit out of Halo, all of them. I love playing co-op Halo. With my boy should be more fun because he is new to the story and his wide-eyed wonder at everything that happened more than compensated for everything else; the beach landing for the first time anyone?

I have been playing a lot of first person shooters lately; I like having an aim button-in fact I live on the aim button, I like having the ability to easily run or crouch, and I like being able to jump or double jump. Halo CE has none of these things-I did not remember this-I did remember the locations of all of the bad guys and skulls (strange what my brain holds onto isn’t it?). The first time I pulled the trigger to aim, a standard in shooters now, a grenade sailed over my boy’s Master Chief. Oops, but I did not giggle.

Halo_CE_A_03I giggled when I flipped the warthog and killed my boy’s Master Chief. Not flipped while driving, but found a flipped warthog and went to flip it over to drive it. I warned him that he could be killed by a flipping warthog. He said, no way. He then shot me an accusatory glare when he went flying as the warthog flip. I giggled, no I laughed a lot then.

When he got the rocket launcher and launched himself high by jumping and shooting at the ground, a common tactic in Destiny where you can jump, double, triple, and glide jump. He went up, aimed down at the Elite, fired, and flew through the air dead, again. I laughed a lot then too.

When he sticky grenaded the Grunt who then charged my boy, who was to busy gloating over his “awesome throw. Dad did you see that?” BOOM! “What?!” Yep, the grunt with a grenade stuck to him, must have sensed my boy gloating with one hand on his controller and did the most sensible thing in a situation like that. I laughed hard then as well.

When we have rescued Captain Keyes and are trying to get to the Covenant Dropship, he gets lost, and I am forced to carry on for three minutes of running, gunning, killing, and flat out surviving against overwhelming odds on to die to a grenade thrown by my boy who finally shows up when there is one grunt left to kill, I did not laugh. He giggled. Barb laughed. Then I laughed.


2 thoughts on “Halo Death Stories

    1. Ankoku1331

      I’m finding Halo CE to slow and lacking in features that are common in recent shooters, which is hampering my play. Still Halo was one of the first. 🙂

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