Driving To Stay Cool

Depending on where we were the temperature has been 91 to 97 degrees; 91 in the country on roads covered in shade from trees and 97 here at home where the school has seen fit to cut down all of the trees. Fun!

There was not a plan to spend a good chunk of our day in a car, but after taking care of necessary business with the insurance agent, school financial aid, and getting a $100 parking permit for the year-a parking permit that allows me to park my car in front of our house, but NO WHERE ELSE ON CAMPUS-we decided to get in the car which has air conditioning and get comfortable. We have no air conditioning here, one entire court does, but we who have been here for four years did not get the upgrade nor the rest of the repairs we were told we would get. Summer heat has me kinda irked.

Where did we go? With nothing but staying cool on our mind we headed to Mount Pleasant where along the way we discovered that the one road from here to there is under major reconstruction. If we had to sit in that long line waiting for the only lane to open up without air conditioning, we may have died or pulled off the road and tried to drive through the trees. Once there we stopped at Taco Boy, in fact there is no reason for us to go to Mount Pleasant other than to eat at Taco Boy. Trust me.

From there onto Target because they have…you guessed it air conditioning…and a good sale on pop, but mostly the air conditioning. There we walked really slowly down every stinking aisle. I have zero need for decorative wall sconces-I don’t think the walls here could hold one if I wanted one-nor do I have a need for back to school supplies-there are four or five weeks to go and even then I only need a pen and paper. Yet down each of those aisles we went pretending to look interesting when we were really interested in finding the air conditioning down vent to stand other.

After you have slow walked every aisle and know the air conditioning system better than the employees, what next? If you are us you take the long way home. The really long way home and you get lost, but along the way you pass through towns and talk about the next step in life, where are we moving. Suffice to say, somewhere around here, but not…well the only place we have ruled out is Evart and that is only because it is out of the way, really out of the way.




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