Trying Not To Move


running down my back

running down my sides

running down my legs

running down my neck

and I am sitting indoors, with the house fan on (for those that don’t know what a house fan is, that is a huge fan in the roof that is supposed to suck air from the outside in creating a breeze, thus cooling down the house-think shitty air conditioning that only makes the place loud and hot and you have a good idea), I have a fan pointed at me, and an ice pack on my chest.

I hate it hear during the dog days of summer. For the money paid in rent there should be air conditioning for the summer and a non-leaky house during the winter. I know I ask a lot from this school. Oh well, this is our last summer here so grin and bear it. Or write and bitch about it so that in the hopes that future people looking to go to Ferris see what they could encounter. Better idea.

While I sweat, I read. I have finished Divergent and Insurgent. I needed something quick to read and boy was that an understatement. Much like the Hunger Games trilogy, very lite reading, heavy on the action, so-so on the world building details. At least in this series I have a better idea of why they are doing what they are doing. Not that I care much, the characters don’t appeal to me as much as I would like, but at least I have finished these books. There is a stack of books that I have started and for one reason or another abandoned to the “why did I buy this book pile,” which until this summer was a very tiny pile. This summer I did not pick books well.

What I would like to be doing is cooking. Unfortunately with the heat the thought of standing in the kitchen all day is not as appealing as the thought of cooking or some sort of comparison there where I don’t end up cooking. Soon enough the heat will pass and I will be cooking again. At least the sweat will be earned then.


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