Moo Goo Bento Friday…Maybe Stir-Friday?

Another nice day, which means I can cook. I have to say here, out loud, I long for the day when I have a kitchen where I can have the stove top on and a window open. Here I cannot, unless I want the flame blown out. With Barb starting a rotation on Monday I wanted to get a head start on items for her bento lunches and with the kids saying that they too want to take bentos to school I want them to start showing me that they will eat the food and not bring me home an uneaten bento. Food waste irks me, especially food that I spend time making.

My plan for them is to start out with 3 things they like and 1 new thing, that way they have a positive experience. At least I hope that is what happens. They like sweet and cheesy which is why I made honey carrots, brown sugar carrots, and curry potatoes. Curry potatoes do not sound cheesy, until I mention that I add three tablespoons worth of parmesan cheese, which makes them very cheesy.

For the new thing, which isn’t exactly a new thing, curry cauliflower. Take some cauliflower florets that you blanched and fry them in a pan with olive oil and 1/2 a teaspoon of curry. When I did these before, the kids did not like them-“Too much curry,” “Too spicy,” “Doesn’t taste like anything.” However, they did like the curry and parmesan cheese potatoes. Using that as my inspiration I added 1 tablespoon of parmesan cheese to the curry and cauliflower. They have not tried them yet, but I am hopeful.

Moo Goo Gai PanBarb wanted Moo Goo Gai Pan for her birthday, unfortunately for that birthday wish we were at the beach-a much better present if you ask me. Today I made her Moo Goo Gai Pan, see picture. For not having made this dish in a while, I think I did a good job. Barb had seconds. Our boy made his usual, “I don’t like this face,” before even eating any and what is funny is that he used to eat Moo Goo Gai Pan up. Our girl, after telling our boy how much he likes each ingredient-“You like chicken,” “You like peas,” “You like mushrooms”-inhaled her bowl of mostly rice and bolted upstairs to finish watching My Little Pony season 5. Barb liked it and that is what matter to me. Well, that and I liked it  too.


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