Exploding Kittens

Exploding KittensPalladium Books and any other game company using Kickstarter take notice. This is our order of Exploding Kittens. The piece of paper with the four panel cartoon is the invoice. The INVOICE. Notice how personalized the invoice is; a little four panel comic addressed to me, to us as a family, and it encourages us to play the game. I don’t care that it is probably a fillable form-someone took the time to think of a creative invoice, someone drew the cartoon, and someone entered all the data-for all of the backers.

Take note of the box that Exploding Kittens was shipped in. The blue box is clearly labeled, Exploding Kittens, letting us know what is inside. Further, the box was perfect sized for the two boxes of cards. Nothing rattled around to get damaged.

They met all of their stated goals without any complaints or excuses. Along the way providing well thought out updates that combined a generous amount of information and humor. At no point, did I ever think, “Where is my product” or “I wonder if I should sue them.” I knew how the project was unfolding at each and every step. Exploding Kittens said that they would be shipping in July. And guess what, they shipped on July 30th and the game arrived today, August 1st. Even better was a thank you note for being a supporter and a surprise.

What is the surprise? The box meows when you open the lid. How awesome is that? Totally fucking awesome, is how awesome. Everything about Exploding Kittens speaks of professionalism and caring about the backers. This is how all Kickstarter campaigns should be run. Game companies should take note of this and attempt to emulate Exploding Kittens.

We have not played yet. Too much time has been spent marveling over the cards and laughing our asses off. As soon as we play you will know.


4 thoughts on “Exploding Kittens

  1. Fuzzy Thall

    Bravo! Great post. Short and to the point. I hope other Kickstarters take note and how marketing is done. Now I have to go buy Exploding Kittens just to get a box that meows. If it is available for non-backers.


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