Super Slow Barbarian

Other than the odd Large Chest, nothing can stop our Rise of the Runelords group. We blitzed through Adventure Deck 1 and 2. Tonight we started Adventure Deck 3. I understand that part of the blitz is because Rise of the Runelords was the first set and the designers got creative, but not “creatively evil,” as they have in Skulls and Shackles and Wrath of the Righteous. Another factor, is three of us have been playing for a while now and are familiar with how to set up characters for success…well two of us are. There is a player at our table [cough our boy cough] who refuses…no that isn’t right, he has a vision for his character.

Unfortunately, his vision is a very slow barbarian. We are talking one action (explore) a turn, slow. When other characters are taking two or more actions (explores) a turn, our boy’s barbarian is taking one. If the action is combat, strength, or constitution based his character is a beast. His barbarian has more villain kills than any other character, but when it comes to taking part and closing location…way behind.

We’ve tried to get him to take allies that allow him to explore and additional blessings. If nothing else so he can do more per turn with the allies or even expand his range of actions, but nope. “I don’t want any animal allies,” he says handing the saber tooth cat to his sister who is more than happy to add another animal to her Lini the Druid deck. “Is that a blessing of Gorum?” If is not, he doesn’t want it in his deck. Which means that when someone needs a blessing they get a blessing of Gorum from him…not every check requires strength.

And that is also the extent of his character’s ability to interact with other characters. Barb’s character, Damiel the Alchemist, can interact with all characters on most turns. By turning an alchemical item into a bomb, giving the player much needed die or dice for a check. When that doesn’t work, she has a spell or two and blessing. Our girl’s character, Lini the Druid, has spells to heal, spells to assist, animal allies, and blessings to use to provide assistance. Even my character Erzen the Magicuser can assist other character through spells (I don’t have any blessings). Our boy’s character, not so much.

It’s so odd, if you were to watch a game, you would see three characters/players doing the lions share of the work. Between the three of us we encounter most of the location cards and close out most of the locations. Meanwhile our boy slowly works his way through one location. Only speeding up if he encounters the henchman or villain, whom he invariably beat to a pulp. We’re hoping as the adventure continues he gets tired of being slow and works on speeding his deck up, because it would be awesome to see a barbarian be barbarian like and not old man with a walker.


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