Dice Rituals

Dice JarDon’t touch my dice without my permission. Similar to a samurai and his swords, my dice are part of me, and to touch them is to touch me and I don’t want to be touched by you via my dice. Okay, maybe that is a bit extreme, but after last night’s Rise of the Runelords game I am feeling a bit touchy about my dice. So touchy that a set of dice was banished to the dice jar. I maintain that our girl’s dice caused my dice to betray me. BETRAYAL!

I could have gone all medieval on my dice as a friend of mine did when his dice began to roll 1’s in the middle of a rather intense Battletech game. He gathered all his dice, arranged them in a circle, placed the die he felt betrayed him the most, and issued a warning to the other dice, “If you do not shape up this will be your fate.” Then the hammer came down shattering the offending die. His dice shaped up.

DiceThese are my dice and dice bag. There was a third set. When we play Pathfinder Adventure Card Game our girl sits next to me, our dice until last night mingled; one big happy pile of dice. She would fish her dice out to roll and I would fish out mine. All was well, until she started picking up mine. They rolled well for her, I thought this was nice of my dice, and for a few rounds they rolled well for me then…well what do you call six 1’s and two 2’s in a row. Not over the night, but in a row? Betrayal most foul is what I call it. Need further evidence? Yes you do! Our girl picks up the offending dice and they roll nothing by 4 and up. What the hell dice? Incensed and outraged, I banished the dice to the dice jar where dice languish as art.

Think I am being weird? Gamers reading this will nod their head and think about their dice and their dice rituals. Me, I don’t like anyone to touch my dice without permission. My belief, and it is a belief, is that you could pass on some of your die rolling luck, good or bad, onto my dice-see above. Further, I treat my dice well, they do not get thrown at things or left in puddles of pop or forgotten. Our boy, talks to his dice, asking them to roll what he would like or higher and it works. When he gloats, his dice punish him with a bad roll-not every time, but happens often enough that his gaming behavior has changed from gloating a lot to only gloating when excited, and his dice punish him. Our girl, has to shake the dice a lot before rolling them and she has to roll them like she is shooting craps in Vegas. Barb, is a don’t touch her dice and her dice reflect her mood. When she is in a good mood, good rolls. When she is in a bad mood, bad rolls.




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