Broken Keys and What To Do As A Writer

Okay, I was going to write about writing or at least my writing, but at this moment after trying to type the first sentence I am going to complain about my Surface Pro keyless keypad. I am slowly losing access to letters and functions, nothing has gone away completely, but the letter C, A, and F are spotty at best and the space bar works when it fells like it. I have zero clue how a keyless keypad loses functions, as there are no moving (add the letter V) parts to malfunction and I do not have to press hard to make the letters that work appear. Who knows. What I do know is that I am in need of a new keyboard and if I am being honest a new computer as the Surface Pro was good when I got it four years ago, but the lack of functions compared to my iPad Mini 2 really shows.

Now that I have that off my chest, and you understand why some words may be misspelled, more than normal (comma use; over and under, is a known issue of mine), and why spacing seems odd at times, I will get back on topic, writing over the summer (add M). I have not done much at all. In fact, other than about fifteen pages in a small journal, I have not written anything other than blogs. I haven’t minded either. Sure there is that bug in the back of my head that says, “You NEED to be writing.” But to what end?

Other than for my own enjoyment, I do not have much to do with my writing for the time being. Perhaps after this last school year is over, but once this last year starts in a few weeks that will dominate my time enough to keep me from doing the stuff that writers who want to publish or get published need to do. Such as self-publish, which is fun, but time consuming. Such as get published, which takes time to find someone to publish what I write.

There is the larger issue of I don’t know what I write any more. I used to write gaming material from adventures to my own systems. I would not mind writing for someone, in fact writing for an established company would be preferable, but the days of me creating my own system are in the past and happily so. The amount of stress and work involved creating my own system has never equaled the enjoyment of playing a game. I should look into getting a gig as a writer for the game companies I like…

I enjoy writing erotica, but I keep revising everything I write. Yes, revision is part of the process, but I am revising to the point of being obsessive and no longer functioning. Then there is the what to do with the erotica. I admit, I am not in the erotica publishing loop other then via blogs, which is not publishing in the sense of I get paid for my work, if that makes sense.

I would love to write a cookbook and I have written one, but it needs a lot of work. Then there is the photography thing-you know how I rarely post pictures of what I am cooking, well I’d have to do that for a cookbook.

I don’t know what that has to do with me not writing over the summer. I have been reading a lot, which is something I don’t get to do during a school year. I am going to guess that reading has replaced writing only because my normal rhythm of life has been disrupted so much for the past four years (add Y). What I do know is that I write on three different subjects, four if you count life, and I would like to find a way to turn that into a career.



4 thoughts on “Broken Keys and What To Do As A Writer

  1. I have the Surface Pro and I can’t abide typing on it. What I did was get a bluetooth keyboard and use that with the Surface instead. Since I spend so much of the day with fingers on the keyboard, it’s really important I have a good one.


    1. Ankoku1331

      I agree on the good keyboard is necessary for those of us with our fingers constantly on one. However, I am not convinced I want to invest too much more in my Surface Pro. Mine is one of the first ones and the functionality is limited compared to later versions-my favorite is downloading programs that get to 99% and then a message pops up “We cannot install this program.” I do miss moving keys. 🙂

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