Spicy Exploding Kittens

Ralph CatI am the family champion of EXPLODING KITTENS!

And to answer a question from a friend of mine, yes it is a game and a great game to play, even if you are not a fan of cats.

In a marathon session of EXPLODING KITTENS, I lost two games. One was due to luck of the draw, what are the odds that two exploding kitten cards would be back-to-back? Infinitesimal I tell you…except that one time. My other loss came from clever play by Barb.

Today has been a quiet day. With the weather nice we, meaning the adults, decided to stay in so that our girl could play with her friend before her friend moves to Saudi Arabia in a few weeks.

Staying in has allowed me to do some writing and clean up the kitchen after last night’s Korean Pot Roast. With all of the pickled vegetables the Korean pot roast went over better than expected. I expected the family to complain about the heat and flavor-for some reason they can detect less than an 1/8 of a teaspoon of pepper as too spicy. So you can understand why I worried the tablespoon of gochujang #3 would have them running for the water. It did not and they didn’t comment. Instead everyone enjoyed lettuce wraps with homemade pickles, pickled radishes, and pickled turnips along with some crunchy rice.

I have to share this, I was watching Food Network and overheard one of the host talking about making fried rice. Only she didn’t make fried rice, she kept calling it fried rice, but what she did make was crunchy rice. Technically, it could be called fried rice as there was rice and oil. Curious, I took some day old cold rice and put it into a pan with a enough oil to coat the bottom. I let the rice sit, no stirring, for at least five minutes. The goal to get a crispy bottom layer before flipping over and repeating. I have to say crispy rice is really good. When I nail down the specifics I will write it up here.

To wrap up the food, I made a really good batch of Dan Dan meat with a tablespoon of Sichuan Peppercorns, in addition to the other spices and heat. I love this batch. However, to the casual observer a tub of Dan Dan meat looks like a tub of Taco Meat. See where this is going? Our boy made himself two cheesy roll-ups with taco meat. Barb asked him to make her one, she got Dan Dan meat. In her words, “The cheese helped, but there were some bites that were [wavy hand motion around mouth.].”

There have been some glares thrown my way and mumbles about playing EXPLODING KITTENS and “getting me,” but nothing has materialized yet.



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