9th Annual “Its Too Early For Holiday Displays” Rant

It’s to DAMN  early! I know I have ranted about this at least once a year, every year that I have been blogging, and the five years when I was writing Scrawlings. And no matter how much I rant, things only seem to be getting worse. No, not the state of the country, that will either right itself as it seems to do or the country will go through a prolonged period of strife and chaos that results in something new, in other words, not much I can do about that unless a lot of people want to write my name in on ballots. In which case be prepared for my reign of tyranny and judgment…I meant benevolence and caring.

I am ranting, once again-almost 10 years now-about stores and their maddening rush to get the holidays to use early. Screw that, not just the holidays anything and everything. What happened to waiting? What happened to the joy of anticipating a holiday or life event.

This is August. AUGUST! This is not September and most definitely not October. Children, myself included, are going back-to0school at the end of the month (roughly 3 weeks). We should be seeing back to school displays, and we are, but we also saw them two months ago when my only thoughts about school were NONE! Why do I or any child need to be reminded about school, which seems to be more of an inconvenience than education these days-let me tell you about my children and the week, each, of testing that they had to take. What was the tests about? No clue and nobody could tell me either, but we had to deal with the crap that is testing week. And two months before school starts, we are supposed to be thinking bout the amount of money needed to get them “back-to-school?” Screw that, I want to enjoy my summer and I really want my kids to enjoy their summer.

August! Deity Damnit, if the back-t0-school crap wasn’t bad enough and seriously while I am a fan of glow-n-the-dark, scratch-n-sniff, and scented pens is that really back-to-school? I can tell you from personal experience that taking really odorous scented pencils into a college class gets a lot of stares. What? They smelled like watermelon for one day and then like a car deodorizer the rest of the time. 🙂

Now fighting for our attention and floor space is the competing ebb and flow of seasonal-holiday displays: garden/summer stuff on the way out; back-t0-school on the way in and out at the same time; summer clothing going out as winter clothing comes in (seriously? it’s 81 here and shows no sign of snow); and Halloween decorations and costumes working their way in. I came this close to throwing an embolism and cashing in my life check. August, two months before Halloween and here is Halloween. A holiday, I remind you is only celebrated on one day and barely that anymore-thank you adults who fuck with children’s candy. I don’t even think about Halloween, in a serious fashion, and it is my birthday, until two weeks before, so why should anyone else?

Fine, there are those early birds and people who love decorating their place up and we as a country need more people who embrace a single day holiday like that, but not Saint Drunkards Day. Because of those early birds and serious into the holiday decorators Halloween stuff can go on display at the beginning of October, but I do not want to see any Christmas stuff creeping in.

Well shit, there are some Christmas things going up…fucking retail.


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