Tiny Fistful of Dice

As our Rise of the Runelords game comes to an end, talk has turned to either resuming our Wrath of the Righteous game, starting Skulls and Shackles, or there was one vote for waiting for Mummy’s Mask. That vote was from our boy who is on a Egypt kick and really wants to fight against mummies and explore tombs.

The original goal of starting a new game of Rise of the Runelords was to give our girl who is new to Pathfinder Adventure Card Game some experience playing. She was getting experience playing in Wrath of the Righteous, but Barb and I felt that the experience was mostly going over her head and negative. As an introduction to Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, Wrath of the Righteous is not as welcoming as Rise of the Runelords.

When we started Rise, our girl could read the cards and knew which dice to roll, but she did not know where to find the information and did not know how many of the cards worked together. As long as we walked her through her turn she was able to perform each step, such as after she flipped over the blessing and flipped over a card for her explore, what to do next required one of us to walk her through. Thus, encountering a monster required us to show her which cards to use, then remind her which dice to roll, and to apply her bonuses. She would do the rolling, the addition, and figure out if she was successful.

Slowly, but surely, she has learned which cards to use and all of the steps-remembering to recharge spells took the longest. For example, in our last game, as both of us went to assist her, she held up her hand and said, “I got this.” And she did. Funny thing is watching her grab up a fistful of dice, shake them with her left hand and only her left hand five or six times before tossing them. Should a die fly out of her hand, a common occurrence when she is rolling four or more dice, she has to start the shaking from the beginning. Then like a Vegas regular, the dice shoot across the table. No matter how many times we ask her not to shoot the dice across the table, at least one die reaches the other side. Miniatures beware when she rolls.

With the positive experience of Rise under her belt we-we being Barb and I-thought playing through Skulls and Shackles, something none of us have done, would be a good thing. Another way to get her some more experience playing, card interaction, and to see another character; although now that I think about it there are a few characters with animal companions for her to gravitate to. Nothing like having to negotiate with her over which of us should have the cat ally-her the druid with a fist full of animal allies or me the mage who could use the cat’s bonus to spell recharge.

She won.


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