Stuffed Animal Retail Therapy

Today our girl’s friend left for Saudi Arabia.

Strange, I don’t really know what to write about. I feel sad for our girl, but this is not about me.

Our girl, for the moment, is fine with this. She got to play with her friend one last time; they made a “cake.” They exchanged gifts and her friend said, “There’s no need to be sad.” And she is right, there isn’t. They met on accident, her family invited everyone with children to their daughter’s birthday party, and became friends at first sight. Given that in four years of living here children and parents do not mix other than in passing, the two of them becoming friends was amazing.

To make this clear, in the four years that we have been here, our children, combined, have made two friends in this court. One moved away when the pharmacist parent graduated to the third year-meaning a move to Grand Rapids, unless you are us-and the other moved today. The rest of the children stay indoors, unless going to or coming from someplace, usually school. While our girl, her friend, and our boy were playing outside other children watched from inside. There is one child who talks to our children through her bedroom window; her parents will not allow her outside to play.

Thus, our girl making a friend is amazing and sad. Amazing because a child was allowed outside to play and to interact with other children. And sad, because it has taken four years for this to happen. It is not sad that they are moving home. We are happy they are moving home, because one of their comments to us was how hard it was to make friends here. Something we can attest to. Sad, because we live in family housing and the families do not interact.

So we are happy that our girl made a friend. We are also sad to see her go. Our girl…well she has known about this move for a while and is taking it well. Although, I am envisioning some stuffed animal retail therapy in her immediate future.

Then again, she may be handling this better than we thought:

“When mom becomes a pharmacist,” she started fidgeting, “she will make money?”

“Yes,” I replied.

“Then we can travel to Saudi Arabia.”


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