Moved and Pre-Moving

And they are gone.

There was a hope that they would be here one more day for one last day of play.


To punctuate that they are gone, her friend left her bike for our girl at our door and the ever “efficient” Ferris clean-up staff arrived and dragged everything left behind to the trash. Yep, just that quick. And yet, for once in a long time, I find myself having a hard time difficulty adjusting to their absence.

I think this is another instance of me living through my children. It happens from time to time; thankfully not that often. The last time was when our boy entered the school system. I had a flashback to my youth and how hard I found it to make friends after yet another move and yet another school and new people. I felt for him. Or at least I thought I was feeling for him. He handled it well. Just like our girl is handling this well. Given the startling frequency that people come into and out of my life, me missing her friend and her family is humorous. Which only reinforces that I am living this moment of life through our girl.

This too shall pass.

While waiting it to pass, I have been working on a couple “pre-pre-pre-move” clean-up projects. When you have moved as many times as I have you…well it takes me a minimum of a year to unpack half of my stuff…that is how deeply ingrained “could move at any moment” is ingrained in me. Related to not unpacking, is packing early. I promised the kids and Barb that I would not go as early pack crazy as I did before we moved here, where boxes had to be unpacked for plates and such months before the move.

Still, there are some things that can be packed early or in this case organized and/or gotten rid of. Gotten rid of sounds like I will throw stuff away and I used to do just that, if it wasn’t moving with me and someone didn’t want it, into the trash it went. Then I discovered or had it yelled into me, that one man’s (person’s) trash is another person’s treasure. Now I try to find homes for the stuff I don’t want.

Here are three things I do not want to move again or move in smaller amounts:

1.) Books-books are heavy, no matter how you pack them. Thus, I want to slim down our book collection.

2.) Movies-with Netflix and HBONOW or GO, most of our movie collection is obsolete and unnecessary, but maybe someone else can put them to use.

3.) Games-yes, I wrote games. While moving here we have amassed quite the collection of games. Unfortunately, even in the best of times games are a pain to move. What makes this easy, is that there are many games that the family as a whole are not interested in playing again. Hopefully there are gamers out there who will want to give them a home.

So while I won’t pack up the house just yet, I will do what I can to make the packing smaller, and easier. When my lists are finished I will post them here, because who knows maybe some of you could provide the homes for our toys. 🙂


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