Checking My Lists Twice…Thrice…Quadrice?

Hot and humid and cloudy, but no rain. What I wouldn’t give to have some rain or other inclement weather, like a really good and long summer thunderstorm. What do I do on days like this? Normally I would be writing, but yesterday I set myself a goal of making the preliminary list and subsequent piles of books, movies, and games that I hope to have out of here before our move. That is what I spent my day doing.

Thanks to Netflix and HBOGONOW or whatever they are calling themselves, going through our collection of movies was easy; is it on or has it been on either of those services? If the answer is yes, then into the box the movie or TV show went. Thus, our movie collection has been paired down from two bookcases to under one and most of what was kept was favorites or children’s movies. I refuse to give up my collection of Anthony Bourdain. 🙂

I expected books to be difficult. As much as I hate moving books and I do, I have an attachment to books. I have a Kindle and another Ereader, but I do not like reading books on them. Given that I tend to do my reading before bed or outside, the light from the reader does not aid in falling asleep and the glare off of the screen does not aid in reading or enjoyment. Plus, I like the feel of a book in my hands. Thus, I expected to have a difficult time sorting the books into the keep and not keep piles. It was not so hard, a lot of books are not keep-mostly cookbooks, writing books, research books, and classics, seems that we have been amassing a lot of “crap” books while here. Serial books, quick read books, and the like are what I call “crap” books. They will never be classics, but they serve their purpose by being entertaining. Turns out there was a third pile, return to owner books. I did not realize I had books from other people on my shelves, but I do and they can expect them back soon. 🙂

Games was the toughie. First off, we have a lot of games, enough to fill a small walk-in closet. Second, where movies and books tend to be solitary in who wants to keep them, games are a family affair. Thus, even though I am not a fan of Settlers of Catan, there are members of the family who are, thus a consensus was needed on each game. Being honest, a consensus is still needed on some and I imagine that there will be more wrangling as this process moves on.

At the moment the games list is divided into keep, maybe, and not keep categories. The not keep is not as big as I would like. As I said yesterday, games are as much of a pain to move as books. The problem is that at least one person had a good time playing a game on the maybe list, thus they do not want to move it to not keep. Thirty-four games on the not keep list, this is just the name of the game, not expansions, adding in expansions the list balloons to close to 100. That should give you a rough idea of how much is left and why I want to get that not keep bigger.

After the lists are finalized, comes finding people and places to take them.

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