Friendly In A Neighborly Way

There was a knock on our door. Followed by the doorbell ringing. Odd, the only people to do that were our girl’s friend and Chuck the IT guy who thought I would answer the door faster if he rang the door bell a lot. He was wrong. He did not make that mistake the next time he showed up at our door. Nope standing at our door was Jeff. Jeff is the neighbor across the way. Like Barb, he is a pharmacy student. Also like Barb, he is a pharmacy student that I like.

I chit chat with him, but mostly stay out of the way when Barb and him talk pharmacy. Trust me, you do not want to be in between two pharmacists talking pharmacy. So, I fully expected him to ask to talk to Barb. As he is a year behind her (our age by the way), I figured he wanted some info on his classes. Nope again, he wanted to talk to me? I figured it out, he wanted advice on cooking something. Nope again, he was being friendly neighborly.

Now, it has been many many year and in another galaxy since a neighbor has been friendly. In the four years we have been here we have known by name four families. And we have done…well next to nothing with any of them other than chit chat and hey’s while walking by. This is an odd place to live. Which may explain why it took me so long to remove the “What do you want” look from my face. Even as he was telling me that he would loan us his portable air conditioning unit (90’s and high humidity here and he was one of the lucky ones who got central air in their unit), I couldn’t quite put the “doing something nice for you” and “neighbor” together. Thankfully, my face and brain got their shit together and the kids and I are enjoying cool air even as the temp outside remains hot and muggy.

Related to friendly neighborly, Mrs. Fever a fellow blogger, friend, and My Little Pony lover, is in town. Unfortnately, we cannot arrange a meeting with her. This bums us out as I have wanted to meet her for a long time. Alas, Barb’s rotation has some odd hours and we cannot arrange a meet and greet. Still it was nice of her to think of me/us.

It is messed up to me that I am not used to people doing nice things. It did not used to be this way. We did nice things for people and they did for us or something along those lines. There was always something nice being done for someone without any expectation of payback. Those were good times. Do not get me wrong, this was not universal, but it was enough of a thing that people knew how we were, in that we would do for others and you did for us when and if you could, no questions asked.

Then we get here and there have been a few people who we can have that exchange with, Paul comes to mind, but we had to stop being…well nice in our way, to people, because they took and only took. Nothing says, FU, like paying for dinner and not getting a thank you. So we learned, after several mistakes, to keep to ourselves, and here we are, I find a person being friendly and my mind doesn’t know whether to shit or go blind. I cannot wait for this school year to be over.



5 thoughts on “Friendly In A Neighborly Way

    1. Ankoku1331

      You did end up here during the worst weather of the entire summer. Sorry. Also sorry we weren’t able to make a meeting work out. 😦


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