It’s Started

If I had to identify one part of being here I like the least, this is that time, the two weeks before the school year starts. If and only, the only people arriving were people who were here previous years I would not mind. Unfortunately, people come and go extremely fast around here and the new people who arrive can be problematic.

Over four years, there has been a drug dealer, a wife abuser, a family of shutins, a nosey neighbor, a bad cook, people who did not understand what time was, people who could not park to save their lives, loud neighbors, disruptive neighbors, and many more. If this was a well run apartment/town house complex, most of these people would have been gone shortly after their problems cropped up. After all no one wants to live next to “those” people, but this is not a normal place. Thus, every year we look out our window, watch people move in and wonder who is going to be the problem this year.

Soon the students will arrive. Oh, these people moving in are students too, but they are “family” students. Family being a loose definition that seems to imply, at least two people and their check cashed. Two people can live in dorms. These units should be for people with children, but then again I have been railing about the living conditions here for four years. The people I refer to, are the students who move into the gulags, packed in like sardines, are responsible for the townies frowns, and the traffic accident a day.

The traffic accident a day, is a real thing and one I dread each time I get into the car to drive to campus. This year, I shouldn’t have to deal with that as we are selling our older car. Meaning I walk to classes. We were thinking about getting me a bike, but the amount of time I would get to ride when compared to cost, storage, and moving didn’t seem right. Thus, I will be walking to class-no paying for parking, no searching for parking, and no parking tickets.

Which brings me to the really good news, this is our last year here. If I have my math right, approximately 40 weeks from now and we are done. Shortly after that we move and that is that…well more likely a whole host of new issues. Soon enough, a countdown widget will appear; a countdown to the finish.

My hope, is that this year is a good year: the people who move in are quiet, do their thing without any hassles; the semesters breeze by without incident; and we move to a new place to start the next phase. Time will tell, and so will I. 🙂

Last, but not least, tomorrow is the 1,000th post…show up for the EXTRAVAGANZA!!!!


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