1000th Pony Party Post Extravaganza

Extravaganza Frog1,000 posts who could have imagined?

Well, I did. I had over 1,000 before, so another 1,000 shouldn’t be that hard and for me it was not. How have I managed to write 1,000 posts? I write a lot of crap. I mean, taking a page from Spongebob, an idol of mine, I try to find something new everyday and in many cases that becomes what I write about, with varying success.

Some of you are new here, some of you have been here since day one when I created Speaking Out on Life as a sort of middle finger to a professor who told me that Scrawlings of a Mad Man was not professional-something about sex and profanity. What can I say? I write what I know and do. I am a very profane writer or is that prophylactic?

Prolific? Really? I guess that makes sense, I do write a lot. Just not all of it is good.

Word choice aside, THANK YOU to everyone who reads.

What makes this post any different from another post of mine? First, there is the extravaganza frog, which indicates celebration. Second, there will be stats and who doesn’t love stats? Put your hand down, you love stats and you know it. Third, there will be numbering-see previous numbers. Fourth, see numbering, there will music and Ponies.

Let’s start off with a birthday wish or is it an announcement? I’ll go with announcement. I “met” Darin Young when we were freelance writers for Fantages. At the time the company, is one person a company, was working on making a wrestling role-playing game. I know I have told this story before, so I will skip to the end-I got paid, Darin did not, and Fantages…well no clue, but out of that Darin and I became friends. We have not met, he lives in Oklahoma which is another country and across a river or two. But we do converse on a semi-regular basis and when this school thing is done and we are taking a victory lap, he is on our must visit list. Happy Birthday Darin.


Everyone loves numbers, especially when they are cleverly disguised as stats. I said, EVERYONE LOVES NUMBERS! That’s better. Curious about my blog stats? So am I. Oops, I mean over the past 1,000 posts there have been some interesting trends and “things,” take a look.

As of the time I started writing this post there have been 34, 020 views and 19,600 visitors. Not bad for 2 1/2 years and not a single piece of erotica or sex advice. My most popular day is Friday. It used to be Monday, but I started messing with what and when I was posting to see how accurate the insights were. Sorry if that messed you up.

The most popular post (3,111 hits) is Geoglyphs and Alpacas. Now this is popular because the post has the answer to an Animal Crossing question asked by a brain injured Pelican. For a post with content, the most popular (475 hits) is Robotech RPG Tactics: Final Thoughts, which is about what I thought were my last thoughts about the worst Kickstarter and game that I have ever gotten involved with. Unfortunately, Palladium Books continues to fuck around and I continue to have material to write about, see Robotech RPG Tactics A Magic Act, which happens to be a recent favorite of mine.

I’d mention which post got the most comments, but I do not get a lot of comments, which is kind of a bummer to me as I enjoy engaging with my audience, YOU. However, as a fellow reader I understand how difficult it can be to write a comment; I don’t know this person, is it okay for me to say something or what if they don’t find what I wrote as funny as I meant it or Oh crap, I didn’t mean to post that comment…trust me I have been there and I am letting you know that I enjoy comments and I respond to them. I have only moderated one comment and that was because the commenter posted a link to an offensive site (trust me, if I find the content offensive, something is wrong).

Other than search engines, Facebook continues to be my number one referrer, which is really baffling to me as I only have 38 friends. Yes, I wrote 38. Don’t believe me take a look (to be honest, I don’t know if you can look, I tend to be pretty tight with my FB privacy).


Some people may be wondering about my writing process. To be honest it varies, a lot. For Speaking Out on Life, I sit in front of the computer and write. I edit as I go along. Read, edit again, and post. I rarely put a lot of thought into the editing at the time. I want blogging to be fun for me. Yes, I am aware that what I post is online and seen by the ENTIRE WORLD, thus a reflection of me as a writer. I get that, but I don’t care. This is my fun place, not my job. That being said, I do read old posts and make corrections. I love doing that. However, there are times where I intentionally use the wrong word or spelling such as bare for bear, because nudity is more fun than…well pick something. 🙂

I used to have a schedule of when I would write about what topic. What topics you ask? You did ask, right? Games, Food, and Life; Life being a catch-all for anything not Game or Food related. It was not my intention to write so much about college, but this place (Ferris State University) and the things that happen here have to be written about by someone with no agenda or interest in public appearances, read ME. If you think I have an interest in public appearances, I refer you to my usual outfit-camouflage pants, boots, and T-shirt which 7 out of 10 times is Spongebob related. Keep in mind I am in my 40’s. 🙂

For non-blog stuff, I am more circumspect before releasing to the public. I should be honest and admit that in a test of my technical-writing skills, I score second worst in editing, something I knew in advance and the reason why Darin is such a good friend, because he is a great editor. Still, in other “work” areas, I work on the writing more before presentation and from time to time that happens here. No, not with this post.

Seizure warning with this next video, but it is so much fun.


 After 2 1/2 years here and 1,000 posts you would think I have some favorite posts, but I don’t. It’s hard to pick one or two when my mood changes and my mind wanders around the posts. Seriously, as I went through the list of posts I could remember each one and I could see the trends and patterns-here was food, here was gaming, here was a stretch of school, here was a bunch on this or that. I like all of my posts. If I didn’t I wouldn’t go back and read them to fix the mistakes…at least those I find. 🙂


Here we are at the end of the EXTRAVAGANZA. You have learned something about me,this blog, and maybe seen my meager Facebook Page. You have also learned that today is Darin’s birthday. And along the way you have seen some fun music videos with Ponies. I hope you enjoyed them, I know they make me laugh and smile and isn’t that the point of any EXTRAVAGANZA, to have fun? Damn right it is.

Thank you to each and every reader and visitor. I hope you always find something entertaining to read. If you would like to leave a comment good or bad, please do-I enjoy the good and hopefully can learn from the bad.




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