Keep On Exploding Kittens


Kitten NopeYesterday, pretenders to the throne attempted to usurp my benevolent reign and FAILED! Rather spectacularly. In a change of pace, the children attacked me instead of each other. How did they attack me? Every Favor card and pair of cards turned was aimed at me. Their goal to remove any Diffuse cards in my hand. And like a poor marksmen they missed their target. Six times! Six times they went after my hand of cards and came away with nothing.

Barb went out first and on her way out took out the boy who gloating because his “master plan” of putting the EXPLODING KITTEN ontop of the deck worked, except he did not know about the EXPLODING KITTEN card underneath that one…BOOM…BOOM.

Our girl played turn ending card after turn ending card, forcing me to draw and then she went after my hand. Laughing with glee because she took my Tacocat (its a palindrome), which gave her a pair, took another card of mine and continued laughing as she played the skip. I drew card after card, constantly shuffling my hand to keep the Diffuse card moving. Her end arrived after a turn where she pulled all but three cards from my hand-Diffuse, Attack, and Cattermelon. I knew she did not have a Diffuse. One Attack card later-she is forced to take two turns in a row-and BOOM!


For my Facebook friends who keep asking questions, yet inexplicably have not read the post (s) about EXPLODING KITTENS…which is odd given Facebook as my number one referrer-although Board Game Geek is rapidly catching up, here are some answers to the questions.

Yes, it is a game.

No, I do not know where you can get it in stores yet, mine is from Kickstarter. If EXPLODING KITTENS is in stores let me know so I can let my friends know.

No deck building at all. One deck of cards shared by all.

Goal, to NOT explode. Think of EXPLODING KITTENS like Russian Roulette, you don’t want to be the one who draws the EXPLODING KITTEN card or like Hot Potato, once an EXPLODING KITTEN card has been drawn invariably it ends up on the top of the deck for the next person and you don’t want it.

Playing time: 10 to 15 minutes depending on luck or bad luck of draw.

Kitten 2Easy to play: Yes, read the rule sheet, laugh a few times, and one or two games and the rules are yours!

Depth of play: Yes, it may not seem like it, but learning how best to use See The Future not to avoid an EXPLODING KITTEN, but to set up another play is awesome.

EXPLODING KITTENS is awesome for ages 7+ when you can get a copy and spread the word…that I am the reigning CHAMPION! 🙂



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