Robotech RPG Tactics: Putting My Skills To Work

Sometimes it takes a while for me to shit or get off the pot…for those unfamiliar with that idiom, get my act in gear and do something about something…in this case making more of an effort to do what little I can about the Robotech RPG Tactics Kickstarter. Initially, I did not care. I got some of what I ordered and figured that “eventually” there would be more and, there indeed may be more later.

However, since getting Wave 1 and writing about my experiences with the game a lot has transpired, most of it negative. In the way that non-news and attempts at distraction can be. I like, I would hope, most of the backers would like concrete information on the status of Wave 2.

Concrete information is defined, by me, as the project manager, if there is one, showing the timetables detailing where each of the remaining aspects of Wave 2 are and if Palladium Books does not have one of those lying about (preferably 10+ of those) then something is wrong. Something much larger than a company that dove feet first into an industry that they admittedly had little information about and relied on the knowledge of others instead of doing their own due diligence.

Promises of information are not enough and should never have been enough. That a company that received 1.4 MILLION dollars has been allowed to survive two years on promises alone is disturbing to me. Disturbing because it took this long for me to get to this point and because in this day and age this information should be EVERYWHERE gamers, investors, and Kickstarter backers can be found.

5,000 people have not gotten what they paid for. There are plenty of excuses to go around from everyone involved, but no one, NO ONE, is taking responsibility. If anyone is talking, what I hear are promises that something is happening, distraction bait-seriously a scale poll and discussion for FUTURE items when current items have not been produced-to my favorite, Kickstarter is an investment and sometimes investments are bad. Are you fucking kidding me?

That is the line being thrown around. Kickstarter backers or should I say investors, need be listening up and taking note. Because if Kickstarter is an investment, the company does not necessarily have to finish the project; as long as they can make a good faith effort then all is well…FUCK THAT! I paid money, I want more than promises, hands in the air, SILENCE, and the fall back position of “Well you didn’t pay for anything. You invested…and badly.”

Thankfully, courts in various jurisdictions are not seeing the situation in the same light and Kickstarter projects that fail to deliver are being held accountable. And that is what I want; accountability and responsibility from this Kickstarter.

To that end, I have started work on collecting as much information from ALL sides about this Kickstarter, past and present in an effort to present the clearest picture as possible. To wit, I have recently attempted to contact Palladium Books in regards about two hot issues: the official status of Wave 2 and the official refund policy.

Wave 2, is self-explanatory; an answer of “in progress” or “coming along” or “excited” is not enough. I want concrete details and I will present whatever answer or non-answer I get for all to read. The refund policy requires some explanation: There are people who have zero interest in a lawsuit and have zero interest in Robotech RPG Tactics, they want their money back and rightly so, at least I think rightly so. Palladium Books is not offering refunds or at least that is the word. Or are they? There are rumors that people can get a refund or buy out. When I find out the official policy, if there is one, you will know, and if I can get confirmation of the rumors, you will know that too.

If you have any information to share do not hesitate to contact me here or at I am looking for factual information, thus copies of emails, etc. is best. I really would like to interview people who have worked on Robotech RPG Tactics for background information.

Finally, if you are cut-n-pasting or sharing any of my posts, please give me credit or a link back to this blog. I do not mind the sharing, I want the information to get out. That being said, I want credit for what I write and more so, if someone is looking to get in touch with me I’d like them to be able to find me.


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