While I Wait, I Cook

While waiting for a response from Palladium Books to my initial inquiry, I spent the day gathering information and cooking. As soon as I get a response from Palladium Books, I feel enough time has passed (seven days seems long enough in this day of instant communication), or I gather enough information (mostly reading and analyzing what I have already received and found) I will follow-up on the Robotech RPG Tactics Kickstarter.

The last week has been to hot to cook. I have cooked, but not cooked. I have cooked meals most of the days when standing in the kitchen was a race against sweating away to nothing or passing out from lack of breathable air, due to a distinct lack of air flow here. But, I have not spent a day in the kitchen making food. I like to do that, spending a day cooking ensures that there is food ready to go for the pack of snacking wolves that seems to be my family of late.

First up, rice. Rice is staple. At least two cups of rice for the week’s bentos. Guess I will have to up that amount when the kids go back to school. Those two cups, after cooling, go straight into the refrigerator to chill for at least 24 hours. The chilled rice then gets turned into fried rice, crispy rice, or stays chilled rice. All of which gets put into the bottom of bento boxes with a sprinkling of togarashi or goma rashi or some other rice seasoning.

Crispy rice, is both delicious and can be a pain in the ass to make. Take chilled rice and break down into small chunks or into individual grains of rice. Heat a pan with 2tbsp of peanut oil over medium heat. When the pan is hot add the rice and stand back. Some of the rice will pop. Pop right out of the pan and the oil will splatter; see pain in the ass. Once the popping and splattering is over, leave the rice alone. This may be hard to do.

My inclination with rice in a pan is to stir. Leave the rice alone. Watch for the edges of the rice to brown. When you think your rice is ready, around 5 minutes, take a spatula and attempt to flip as much of the rice as you can. The bottom should be brownish in color. Flip over the rice and repeat. Continue letting the rice sit and flipping. Eventually, most of the rice will be browned and crispy. Remove from heat when you are satisfied with crispness of rice.

It has taken me several attempts to get the rice to this point where I can write a vague recipe. For me the issues are a stove top with inconsistent heat output, varying amounts of rice (unfortunately for you, I have not been measuring the amount of rice using-only using what I felt was right), and the horrible habit of not keeping track of time while cooking.

Oops, that took a bit of space…after rice, food. 🙂

Today, pork and steak. Both were marinated in soy, hoisin, and oyster sauce. Minced garlic and a teaspoon of grated ginger were added to the steak marinade. Two tablespoons of grated ginger was added to the pork marinade. After a few hours of marinating-mostly because I was researching, both meats were cooked on the stove top. Nothing overly special, cooked to medium rare, which means they can be eaten tonight or if put into a bento heated up a bit without turning into shoe leather.

I made a glaze out of soy, sugar, a drop of ponzu, and a drop of gochujang that can be brushed over the meat in the bento or poured over the rice.

Note to self: Write down times and amounts and take pictures. 🙂



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