Interview Request and Bentoing

I don’t think there will be anything new on the Robotech RPG TacticsKickstarterPalladium Books front for a while. I have put in a request to Wayne Smith to interview him. Unfortunately, I had to use Facebook to put in the interview request because using Palladium Books own contact system is a combination of infuriating and archaic. So, Wayne, if you are reading this and if I was you I would be checking on anyone who asked for an interview, I apologize for the Facebook message; not the interview request. That is genuine. I would like to get all sides of this story as facts.

Speaking of interviews and seeking information, if anyone with information about the behind the scenes/making of/decisions involved with Robotech RPG Tactics, works for Palladium Books, works for Ninja Division, or worked on Robotech RPG Tactics would like to be interviewed or share their information please contact me in at

So while I wait for a response to my email request for information and my Facebook message request for an interview, I continue to gather information and move on with my life. Which means back to cooking and making sure that the three of us who have school to attend are prepared. Barb is still in school, but her “classes” are rotations at various pharmacies and health care institutions. I guess I ensure she is ready because I make her bento everyday. I really am handy. 🙂

In an effort to keep bentoing fun and bento lunches fresh I have been playing around with what I put in them. I am sure those who bento often already know this, but bentoing is new to me. Now that I have a stable platform of recipes to use that are good for bentoing, I am seeing what else I cook that can go into a bento, easily. Easily is the keyword.

I could put New Bride Chicken Curry into a bento, but it would be a mess. A huge mess. I could put some wings into a bento, but that too would have issues, such as what to put with the wings and so on. As the season changes I want to be able to send Barb and the kids off with comfort food, because…well because comfort food is comforting.

Seeing a large roast in the freezer, I said to myself, “Why not roast?” If I did roast as I normally do in the crockpot with all of the fixings-potatoes, onions, carrots, etc. all, it would be a sloppy mess. How can I make the roast experience while keeping the bento esthetic? Took me until about five minutes ago to implement my plan-i.e. the food is cooked.

Instead of cooking everything in the slow cooker, I cooked the roast in a bath of beef stock until the roast shredded without any effort. Then I let the roast soak in the beef stock bath for two hours before removing the roast to a container, draining any excess stock.

Three large potatoes sliced thin went into a large pan with three minced cloves of garlic, salt, pepper, and 2 tablespoons of butter. I let them cook over medium-high heat for around 15 minutes, stirring frequently. I dumped everything into the slow cooker on LOW and covered.

Into the potato pan, I put a tablespoon of butter and three large onions sliced very thin with salt and pepper. I piled the onions in the center of the pan and let them sit for five minutes before flipping and repeating. After the second flip, I spread the onions around to let them cook for another five minutes. Then the onions went into the slow cooker with the potatoes.

I let the potatoes and onion mix cook until the potatoes were fork and mouth tender (I had to sample). I believe this took two hours. Now I have a roast bento that looks good; bed of rice, shredded roast on one side, and potato mix on the other, topped with a splash of gravy made from the beef bath.



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