I Got This

Our boy’s mid-school orientation was today. According the emails and fliers we were to drop him off and if we wanted, hang out. We weren’t going to hang out. I have been raising both kids to be independent-ask for assistance where they need it, but make their own decisions. I wasn’t sure how well this was going.

Nothing my kids have done, but up till today they have not had many real instances where they could make their own decisions with consequences. No consequences to a middle school orientation you say? He could choose not to pay attention and not have a clue what to do on day one. This would set an impression for the teachers as well. He could act out, which…see previous sentence. And so on.

The plan was to take him to the orientation, go in with him to make sure he got where he needed to go, and come back when he was done. He put a stop to our plans before we left. He did not want his sister or me to go. Oh? No reason expressed why. However, when Barb came back five minutes later his reasoning was clear. She pulled up to the school and he said, “I got this mom,” and went inside on his own.


A few hours and a stop at the Farmer’s Market we picked him up. Orientations are always a clusterfuck. If you have kids in school you know exactly what I mean, parents wandering around with and without kids; teachers and staff trying to be helpful, and the kids…kids everywhere. School orientation would be so much easier without the kids…oh wait… So being middle school there were so many people everywhere and our boy was trying to tell me and only me something.

When I finally got him out of the crowd it was about his locker. Combination locks are a bane for our family. I have a long history with combination locks, none of it good; my first two years of high school I couldn’t get my locker open, so I didn’t use it. One of the reasons why I have so many things that have pockets. That he was having trouble was not surprising. I did not want him to have the same issues, so I helped.

No, I did not break his locker. Came close. But in the end I prevailed. I would have said we, but the boy went in search of a pencil or hammer. More to the point, seeing that his locker worked, and providing clear instructions to him alleviated the only issue he had over the two hours on his own.


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