Robotech RPG Tactics, Resource Post (Updated II)

Boy do I wish I could say I had some news to share on the Robotech RPG Tactics Kickstarter. But I do not. A week has passed since my email request for information. A week in the modern business environment is too long. Several days have passed since my Facebook Messenger request to Wayne Smith. Yesterday, on the Facebook Group, Robotech Tactics “Uncensored,” I posted another request for an interview with Wayne Smith or anyone connected with the Kickstarter/Game. I am going to keep trying until the following happens:

  1. I get an interview (consensus is that an interview with anyone is unlikely)
  2. Factual information on Wave 2 is released (consensus on this is also unlikely)

To that end, while reading and researching, Wayne Smith took time to post a reply or two to posters in the group, the original post with his comments and my first request for an interview, disappeared overnight, he indicated that he was working on an update on Wave 2. The update has yet to appear.

The conversation about actions to take continues with plenty of links to go around. Here are some of the more interesting and useful ones for those inclined (some are repeats from previous posts):

Kickstarter Terms of Use:



Contact Palladium Books:

There is a link on the Kickstarter page as well, see link below. To date, I can factually say that I have not received a response to the Kickstarter, the email address below, Facebook Messenger, or Facebook.

Palladium Books contact us page

For Those Looking To Follow Along:

Keep in mind that these are forums and pages where the conversation ranges far and wide. However, for those willing to take the time, you can find information, and gauge backer dissatisfaction, among other things.

Palladium Robotech RPG Tactics Forum

Robotech RPG Tactics Kickstarter Page

DakkaDakka Robotech RPG Tactics Forum Robotech RPG Tactics Forum

Organizations and Articles:

These organizations and articles have been culled from various forum posts and my own research. Each of these has a role in filing a complaint and attempting to gather information. Use them at your discretion.


FTC, “Don’t Let Crowd Funding Be Your “Doom””

Michigan Attorney General, home state for Palladium Games

Better Business Bureau

Washington States Sues Kickstarter Campaign

Geekwire version of above article

Palladium Books Wiki page (interesting read especially the “crisis of treachery” and take on RRT) *new*

Above all else, if you are a backer and are attempting to get information, contact Palladium Books, or take action make sure that you do your own research. The topic is large and contentious with people on both sides throwing around information that may sound legitimate or factual, but is actually speculation and rumor.

The links above are those that I have been too, read through, looked into, and feel reasonably confident are useful-even if you have to wade through forum fights from time to time. If and when there is an Update or action in one direction or another, I will write on that.


Within hours of this post going live an Update was posted to the Kickstarter. Read it first. Despite looking long, there is little factual information. What is factual information? Information that is backed up with evidence or proof. Saying that something is done or in progress is not the same thing as providing evidence. The box art or renders of models is nice, but that does not constitute proof that anything has been done.

There is plenty for me to talk about in the update, but the thing that stood out most, even more than the blame game, woe is me tone, lack of professionalism, and the desperate need for Palladium Books to hire a project manager and public relations professional, was the statement that the onus for the survival and success of the game falls on us.

As has been pointed out in many places, Palladium Books is doing little to promote Robotech RPG Tactics and little more to engender good will amongst the gamer community or the Robotech community. Thus, putting the onus for the game on the backs of the community is bothersome. A way to say, “If the game dies, we didn’t do it, you did.” In a way, they would be right, we did not play the game for whatever reason, but the game is theirs to promote, a representation of their company, and ultimately they make the money from the game, so shouldn’t they be the ones doing more to promote the game?





4 thoughts on “Robotech RPG Tactics, Resource Post (Updated II)

  1. I should have a lot to say about this, but I’ll keep it short.

    I’m sure you know about this, but what the wiki doesn’t say is that the company (Mr Siembieda) reached out to fans to donate and buy more books to keep the company afloat. And so they did. It might have been inspiring if it wasn’t sad, but the company was propped up by the largess of fans, and with no real promise of anything other than their continued business practice (such as it is).

    While it didn’t give the fans anything more than the continued presence of Palladium Books, dinosaur that they are, it empowered the company to bask in the notion that their fans were akin to some investors that didn’t have to be answered to, and now they have this mess at their feet.

    I may have distanced myself from the company, but it still sucks to see this sort of nonsense taking place.

    1. Ankoku1331

      Thank you for the link, I will add that to the post. I knew about the “crisis,” but had not thought about the implications from Palladium’s POV-people gave us money and a lot of latitude for years, why shouldn’t thesepeople (backers) be the same.

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