How I Spent My Summer: Travel

Last summer we traveled a lot. This year we did not travel as much. The primary reason for less travel was Barb’s pharmacy rotations. It is hard to take off for a day to go explore a town on a map when one person has the car and is at work. So we planned our trips around weekends and the period where she wasn’t on a rotation. Except during those periods our girl was playing with her friend before she left for Saudi Arabia. We were able to find some time to travel though.

At the beginning of summer we did our annual (now it is annual) trip to Traverse City for the Cherry Capital Comic Con. Our first family comic con and after going to a few others, our favorite; small, less crowded, and families of all ages. Plus, that is where we met Jon Alderink a favorite artist of ours. He was not there this year. Still we had fun wandering around the floor looking at all of the goodies. Always a favorite of mine is being drug by our girl around the floor looking for all of the Frozen, Hello Kitty, or kittens she can find and convince me to buy-at least one a year per con-I am a softie. 🙂

After that, we spent a lot of time around here. Around here meaning any place within an hour. Nothing overly special until a long awaiting shopping trip with Paul and Dave to Grand Rapids to hit Mama Lee’s and a Mexican grocery super store-this place was huge and filled with all sorts of goodies. A stop of sushi and stops for groceries and back here for another length of time.

For whatever reason it took a long time to heat up around here. When the heat finally did hit we went to the beach. Last year we traveled to Ludington, which is a tourist-summer camper spot. The beach was nice, there was a wedding there that day, but the town had all of the charm of any tourist trap. This year we wanted to try a different place. We choose Manistee, which advertised more beaches and less crowded. Both were very true. Other than me burning, it was a fun day at the beach with plenty of time in the water for all of us.

Unlike Ludington, Manistee did not feel like a tourist trap. It was a summer camper spot, but the tourist trap vibe was absent. On our way out of town we found the Bungalow, which was not a beach themed restaurant at all. Judging by the table decorations, train themed. Either way, a great place to eat with good prices, good service, and good food.

Since then we haven’t traveled. Told you we haven’t traveled much. However, tomorrow is a trip to somewhere-anywhere to get away from here before school starts on Monday.

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