How I Spent My Summer: Games

And here we are, tomorrow is the first day of the LAST year of college for me. There is no more after. No PHD or what have you. I am done. Barb is done. I can resume my life, with a degree is technical-professional communications, meaning I should be able to write anything you need in a manner that is professional and approachable (not that this blog shows that). The countdown to the end is up and crossing my fingers all goes by fast with as little hassle and as much fun as possible.

With Reading, Food, and Travel out of the way (see links at the bottom) the only other thing is games. We are a gamer family. All of us play games and we like to play games together. So what games did we play this summer?

The fan favorite for most desired and fastest amount of fun was EXPLODING KITTENS. We pull out EXPLODING KITTENS when we want a fast and fun game to play.

The family favorite, play once a day game, has been Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. We started the summer playing Wrath of the Righteous, but ran into some problems-mostly trying to teach our girl how to play with the hardest set-and moved to Rise of the Runelords. Since that time, our girl has become a proficient player. Together we have played our way to the last adventure deck and have plans to start Skulls and Shackles. No matter how many times Barb, our boy, and I have played Rise of the Runelords the game is always different. Greatest replay of any game we have ever owned and if you check out Games We Play you have an idea of how many games we own.

EXPLODING KITTENS had replaced Machi Koro as our “need a break” game. Machi Koro is/was a family a favorite game to play. Unfortunately for us, our boy came up with a strategy that works well enough to suck the fun out of the game for us. However and thankfully, the latest expansion, Millionaires Row was released and has new mechanics that address some of his strategy in ways other than us removing cards from play.

Normally I do not write about video games. Far too often I am one of the last people to the “Hey this is a cool video game party,” to bother writing about something that most of you already know. However, this time because of how much time the game has occupied over the summer, I feel compelled to mention that we played a lot of Destiny. When I say we, I mean we; our boy, our girl, and myself-Barb was playing Elder Scrolls Online, but ran into bad gamer behavior and found something else to do for now.

Destiny started out as a free to play, “Let’s see what this is about.” Quickly became a must have and has replaced all other games that I play. I know there are “love it” and “hate it” sides, I don’t care. Having played a ton of Halo, a bunch of Defiance, more Call of Duty than I care, and finding a home in Battlefield, I did not think I would find another first person shooter that addressed my wants/needs.

I don’t have to do anything. I can play the story. I can play cooperative missions. I can play against other players as part of a team or solo. I do not have to do any of those things. I have found myself enjoying the scenery-traveling from one place to another, finding a spot to watch the sun set, the clouds pass, satellite flyby, or whatever. I do take part in all of the activities and I enjoy the pace of action quite a bit. The variety of things to do and when they become available really appeals to me. The tons of items to find speaks to the collector in me. No, I did not need to spend a week working on a series of quests just so I could have that armor shader, but I did.

There you have the games we played the most over the summer and if you read the other How I Spent My Summer post you have a pretty complete picture of our summer. Next up, 16 weeks of the next to last semester I will ever be part of…

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