First Day of the Last Year Before The First Day of the Rest of My Life

Dear Diary,

Today was my first day at school. I…

What the hell. Today was the first day of my last year, which consists of 32 weeks of classes, approximately 2 weeks of vacation and does not include the following:

  • Sick Days
  • Mental Break Days
  • New Release Video Game Days
  • Crappy Weather Days
  • I Don’t Wanna Days
  • Ferris Buelller Days

Keeping that in mind and my policy of “unless it happens right in front of me or my door and/or involves my family or me, I don’t care,” I am hopeful that I can make it through this last year. Normally I would not be concerned about another year of school, but first years and last years can be tricky. I don’t want tricky. I want quick, clean, and over with a smile; like sex. 🙂

For my first class of the year, I sat through the usual “this is the syllabus” talk. I get that explaining the obvious is necessary and at times very necessary, still the whole first day “this is the syllabus” feels like it could be done in a more efficient manner. Then again, having the first day of class as a lite day is nice. Then again, I did pay an outrageous amount of money for that. Bare in mind, this is not aimed at the professor (s), just an observation after four years of first days “this is the syllabus” talks.

I guess I should warn you, the reader, there may be some assignments popping up on the blog. The class is a mass media class and the professor has offered alternatives to papers-use mass media-such as blogs, YouTube, Twitter, etc. all-to post assignments. As I am a blogger, I am giving this some thought, because another year of papers is not on my “want to do list.” Creative ways to do assignments is, which is why the Twitter option appeals to me, a paper at 140 characters a time sounds challenging, frustrating, and if I can do it like fun. I will warn you if assignments are headed your way. Although, you may want to read them, this professor knows his mass/social media stuff.

In the vein of assignments, I have my first bit of homework, create a hashtag for Twitter and Instagram that can be used by the class. Seems this is more difficult that I thought because at the moment the only thing going through my head is really long descriptive sentences or goofy shit. Neither is useful.

Something that stood out to me today was the number of “Holy Shit!” faces I witnessed. I have not seen that many “Holy Shit!” faces-people wandering around with maps and looking lost since my first year. In a way, a nice bookend to my school experience-walk in and walk out surrounded by people who are lost…wait…nah, lets go with that. 🙂



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