Don’t Turn Into Adults

I told my kids this while in the shoe store. When you turn into an adult, the physically sized adult not the emotionally or mentally prepared version of adults, most of the coolest stuff. What coolest stuff am I talking about?

At the shoe store they have shoes that light up when you walk. That is pretty cool. They have shoes that glow-n-the-dark. That is even cooler than pretty cool. They have shoes that you can play Simon Says on the sides. How cool is that? A shoe you can play a game on. I’ll tell you, that is even cooler than even cooler than pretty cool. Which is pretty darn cool.

I love fun T-shirts. I own a large collection of Spongbob, Star Wars, and Marvel shirts. Yet when we are shopping for the kids the designs are even cooler. Brighter, better use of shirt space, innovative designs and just cooler. Don’t get me started on glow-n-the-dark clothing. Why are children the only ones who can have clothing that glows-in-the-dark? I like being in the dark. I like having shirts, shoes, and other items that light up the night, but because I am adult sized these things are not for me.

On the plus side, the woman who assisted me had a really good sense of humor and found me a pair of shoes that fits my aesthetic and hugs my feet. No lie, I have not worn shoes this comfortable ever. Given a minimum of five days of walking, I need something to hug my feet. I thought I would make it through the year with the tennis shoes I had, but nope, I blew a proverbial tire when parts of the shoe fell off.

Finally, a humorous moment from my day. As I walked to class I saw a large group of students standing outside the door. The room was empty, I could see that as I walked by. Since they were clustered around the door I walked to the other door to the room. Upon entering I was greeted by the professor, “I’ve seen you around.” Do you know how long I have waited for someone to recognize me? Not that long. We chatted before class, during this time a few students wandered in from the same door I did, but not nearly enough for a class. Right before class all of the students who had been standing outside came in, one big herd, like a bus unloading passengers. Freshmen, is my guess.


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