Emergency Bento, New Shoes, and a Hashtag

5:30 am: I wake up for no apparent reason.

7:00 am: “Dad, where is my bento?”

7:05 am: Bento packed in time for children to go to school.

I did not realize what day it was, which is why I forgot to pack a bento for our boy. Thankfully, I do most of my cooking on Sunday and Monday. Even better, our boy has a limited amount of items he will eat (at the moment). His Emergency Bento (sounds like a promising food show idea and you read it here first) consisted of a bed of rice, carrots, a few grapes, and five slices of tamagoyaki. Oh, I forgot his desert, a handful of Sour Patch Kids.

Yesterday, I bought new shoes. You may have missed that point in all of my rambling about adult sized people getting screwed out of cool clothing. It’s okay, you can go back and read that post before finishing this one. With new shoes comes the love-hate relationship of breaking them in. Today, was a crash course for both of us. The shoes are so comfortable, like pillows on my feet. But, (there is always a but), fit loose which meant my feet moved about a bit and the memory foam did not know my feet. This equaled pain until I was able to stop and tighten the shoe laces. AHHHHHhhhhh, much better now. A few more days of walking and the memory foam should memorize my feet and all will be walking well instead of walking hell.

Back to today, as an assignment the class was supposed to create a hashtag to use on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, graffiti around campus, T-shirts, and anywhere else hashtags are used. I had some trouble with this. You would think since I tag these posts, and pictures to Instagram that this would be easy. Nope. I only came up with one and I was positive it was as laughable as it is obvious and silly. Guess what happens when only one person does any task, that person gets to determine the course of action.


for the win!

I am also going to take credit for my hashtag in all of its might and glory getting the class to speak up a lot during discussion. Why do I take credit for this? I am that kind of guy for one. For another, they witnessed what could happen if I and I alone am allowed to make decisions for the class as a whole. Thus, my hashtag encouraged participation. I am that kind of guy. 🙂



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