There Is A 7th Adventure

Congratulations, you and your friends or family, have played through Rise of the Runelords. Your characters have progressed from barely capable of making a check (an over-exaggeration) to defeating Karzoug the Claimer in his lair. Along the way, especially at the end your character claimed some really kick-ass and cool loot. Now what, standing among the ruins, basking in the adulation of those whom you have saved (that poor town of Sandpoint, by the time it was all said and done was there anything left?), what next?

Play Skulls and Shackles.

With my character from Rise of the Runelords?

Nope. Start a new character.

Umm…what about the Robes of Xin-Shalast or Karzoug’s Burning Glaive, when do I get to use them?


That was us. We played through Rise of the Runelords. We are almost done with a second play through. We have had a lot of fun around the table, but the time was drawing near for that meta-game discussion of what next and why give us really cool end game loot if we cannot play with it. This is a fun discussion amongst adults, but when you have a seven year old who really wants to know why she cannot continue playing with her cats, dragon, and velociraptor, the conversation can get weird. Yes, weirder than her menagerie of animal allies-is a velociraptor an animal ally you want? Didn’t anyone see Jurassic Park?

Our plan was to move onto Skulls and Shackles. Then finish Wrath of the Righteous because by then the remaining Adventure Decks will have been released. Then something wonderful happened, an announcement and an email informing the world that there is an answer to “What next?” And this is why Pathfinder Adventure Card Game is beloved in this household.

So what is next? Taking characters from Rise of the Runelords and Skulls and Shackles into Wrath of the Righteous. Only, instead of starting at the beginning, these characters start at Adventure Deck 4 and carry on. They will not get mythic paths, but that shouldn’t matter. Blessings of Ascension will be available for those mythic charges and the characters will come in loaded for bear or demons as the case may be (I’m looking at you demons while trying on my Robes of Xin-Shalast).

You can read about it here.

The part I loved was talking about characters with powers that may not be that useful in a demon filled environment, such as the pirate queen’s ability to prevent damage to ships. Why did I love that, because that is the character Barb was playing and unless I am misreading things there will be no ships where we are going, but if there are we can be sure she will keep it afloat.

So there is a what next and yet another reason to play through each adventure a second or third or fourth time. 🙂



6 thoughts on “There Is A 7th Adventure

  1. The more I hear about the card game, the more that I want to play it. Have you looked into the upcoming app? I don’t know that I can sink as much into the card game, but I’m highly curious about the digital version.

    1. Ankoku1331

      I have been following the development of the digital version since it was announced. What I have seen looks good, looks comprehensive, and sounds like they are planning for future additions. It is supposed to have pass-and-play multiplayer which is more important to me than any online component. Release date, is TBA although I saw something that said Fall 2015.

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