Curves Ahead

“Pass the puke bucket.”

That sentence is never followed by cheers or celebrations. That sentence is followed by puking noises. Always is. If we are lucky there is only a puke bucket to clean up. If we are unlucky, there is a child, backseat, back of a front seat, floor, and car door to clean up. We were lucky.

Our boy was not. He does not get car sick or at least he did not get car sick, today must have been his lucky day-strawberry and Taco Boy. The stench put us off of stopping for ice cream. We can only guess that the curvy road was behind his car sickness. Usually is, which is one of the reasons we had not taken the curvy road for a while; also why we forgot why we had not taken the curvy road.

His car sickness and the curves got Barb and I thinking and talking. Not about avoiding curvy roads, but about the curves that lay ahead for us. Week 1 of 40 is behind us. Thirty-nine weeks sounds like a lot of time and if we were living normal lives of job and hobbies that would be a lot o time. We are living the lives of adult college students, which means classes, children, etc. all. Not complaining, but something that happens when the school year starts is that time gets eaten up by all sorts of stuff-from reading assignments to homework to one or both of the kids has a day at school and so on.

The net effect is to leave us with less time, if that makes sense. Thirty-nine weeks from in addition to both of us graduating, there is finding jobs, finding a place to live, finding a school for the kids if we cannot keep them in school here. That is a lot of curves. On their none of them particularly challenging or new, but lumped together with a time limit, somewhat daunting-at least looking at the curvy road from here.

While we navigate our curvy road here we are trying to ensure that our kids have a good time and are not stressed out (or stressed out less) by the impending move. We have been talking to them about the next few months, especially how we will be doing as much fun stuff as we can before the new year when packing and moving become more of a priority. Thankfully, there are two comic-cons before the new year and we have plenty of games to play. They know or at least here that we are doing our best to ensure less curves for them, even if that means more for us.

Yep, curves ahead, but if all goes well nobody will need the puke bucket. At least nobody in our car. Other people, may want a puke bucket nearby.



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