A Tale of Two Barbarians

Last night we finished our second play through of Rise of the Runelords. It was tough, but as a team we defeated the final villain and celebrated. While they flipped through our character binder (binder full of characters? ;)) looking for characters for Skulls and Shackles, I cleaned up. I like to put everything back in place ready to be used later. The other thing I like to do is transfer character information to clean sheets. Previously this was “just in case” an Adventure 7 was released. Now this is because there is an Adventure 7 and once we get all of the pieces, we will have our pick of characters to choose from.

For the first time two of the same character completed Rise of the Runelords. The comparision between the two is interesting as it illustrates two possible outcomes using the same character. Of course if you are not playing Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, this may be less interesting to you. So in non-gaming news-it is hot and humid here, approximately 97% humidity. To hot and humid to cook. 🙂

Now back to the comparison:

pathfinder-amiriThe character, both played by our boy, is Amiri the Barbarian. This is Amiri at the end of the first play through:

  • Strength +4
  • Wisdom +1
  • Charisma +1 (this happened because he kept encountering allies he wanted and could not get them)

He chose the Berserker Role, with a hand size of 5; Heavy Armor; bury a card from hand or top of deck for 1d10 + 3 to Strength, Melee, or Constitution checks; and play a Blessing of Gorum for a d12 instead of a normal die.

Card List

  • Weapons 6
  • Armor 3
  • Item 5
  • Ally 3
  • Blessing 6

Amiri, the second play through:

  • Strength +4
  • Constitution +1 (kept bumping into Constitution based barriers)
  • Wisdom +1 (needed a bump to Survival checks)

He chose the Juggernaut role, with a hand size of 6; Heavy Armor; bury a card for 1d10 + 1 to Strength, Melee, or Constitution checks; reduce combat damage by 1; add 2 to acquire armor; and play a Blessing of Gorum for a d12.

Card List

  • Weapons 7
  • Armor 3
  • Item 5
  • Ally 3
  • Blessing 5

The differences in his decks were even more apparent, his first Amiri was focused on two-handed weapons exclusively, armor not shields, and a range of items to aid in areas where the character was weakest. The second Amiri, had a variety of weapons and armor, only Blessings of Gorum instead of a mix of blessing cards, and equipment was for taking additional explores, bumping combat checks, and opening locked doors, a particular bane for our group this second time round.

There are a few more differences, but I have prattled on long enough, hopefully this illustrates another way that Pathfinder Adventure Card Game is replayable. Maybe I should see about getting a job selling the game. 🙂


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