Labor Day Sushi Consolidation Plan

Happy Labor Day.

thToday has been a great day. A praying mantis greeted us as we headed out for a last day out before the slog of college and pharmacy rotations sets in until Thanksgiving. We had one goal…two goals, avoid Labor Day Traffic and SUSHI!!!!

Because I got everyone up early, we were on the road before most people. Remember, a goal was to avoid Labor Day traffic. I will skip to the good stuff, we found by accident a mortar and pestle. I know this was not a goal, but it has been something we have wanted for a while now and it never seems to work out. This time it did. Mortar and pestle in hand we went to Sushi Maki for some awesome sushi. Post sushi, we wandered around a bit before hoping in the car to head home.

Excellent timing is all I have to say. Lines. Long lines on the highway. If we had left at our usual time, we would have been stuck in the long line of cars and we would not have found the mortar and pestle or had the sushi. At that moment in the car, the kids were grateful that I was such a “meanie” getting them up and ready.


Now for the news…things will be changing a bit. I will be moving some of the content from Scrawlings of a Mad Man here. I am doing this as part of a larger plan, this will be phase one-consolidating my blogs. Scrawlings material and any new Scrawlings related material-mostly erotica-will be kept under the Scrawlings header which should be appearing in a week or so. I am using a header and pages instead of posts, to keep the material separate from the main blog. I hope that people read a little bit of everything, but I understand that there are people who only want to read a specific subject or maybe more to the point, do not want to read erotica. I understand that, which is why I am organizing material this way; as long as you do not click on the Scrawlings header you will not see erotica.

After Scrawlings is transferred, Scrawlings of a Mad Man will be shut down. Then I will commence moving material from Brainstorm Overload. The plan is to have all of my blogging activity in one location. This will make my life easier and hopefully your life easier.

Phase two or one-and-a-half, will be to incorporate the various social media that I use. Mainly, links to other places where you can find me, my writing, and or photographs.

The final phase, will be to move me to a place more suited to what I am doing now and what I want to do in the future. Working with WordPress I have needed between two and four different blogs, that is when WordPress is not flagging a blog for “mature” content. Long story, the gist being I would like to resume writing about human sexuality, but I cannot write about human sexuality on WordPress.

Do I have an end date for all of this? Yes, by May of 2016, if not before then. I will keep you in the loop and should you have any questions, ask and I will answer them.


  • Bought a mortar and pestle.
  • Ate great sushi
  • Creating a header named Scrawlings where erotica from Scrawlings of a Mad Man will be transferred.
  • Working on a plan of action to consolidate my blogging and social media, before I make a move to a new home



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