Waiting, Wreading (needed a W), and Writing

Today is early. Not the day itself, but my participation in it up to this point. Class was early, philosophy for those interested. So far, the basics of stoicism. Due to rain, I left early, which meant I waited for a bit before class. I don’t like to wait and do nothing so I worked and wread (I may keep this wread thing up).

I worked on wreading more philosophy and anthropology. I think I have mentioned this before, but I have a habit of taking classes that interconnect. I do not plan for these things to happen, at least not consciously. As the years pass, the connections have become more tangled and solid. I am going to hope that is supposed to happen, but give how much I bounce around when taking classes it can be striking. Good example: Philosophy connects to anthropology and mass media from this semester, ethics, sex and love, rhetoric, nature study, and well you get the idea.

Something else that I worked (ing) on, consolidating my blogs. Last night I posted the master Scrawlings of a Mad Man page; an introduction and welcome to those who want to read erotica (as I get post transferred over). This morning, I was talking on FB with a fellow blogger about potential places to move my blog.

I do not want to run into the problems I ran into with WordPress, where my human sexuality (not erotica, which is fiction) writing was flagged, resulting in a lot of lost traffic, conversations, and time fighting the absurd notion that human sexuality is something not to be discussed. Thus, my search for a home has been long; I do read Terms of Service carefully-Facebook and GoDaddy have a couple of interesting areas to pay attention to. My friend, suggested the place she uses, A Small Orange and that was what I was wreading, their terms of service. Bare in mind, hosting content is not the sole reason for a move, there are many other reasons mostly dealing with growth.

Done with class I came home to write an explanation for anthropology and take notes for the mass media class. Yes, I take notes. Copious notes. Even in this last year of mine, I take copious notes. I see no reason why I should slack off completely. There is an element of slack off in this year, but where I slack off in school I am slacking on (hmmm…wording seems to be…) here at home for a move and here on the blog where there is…a move.

Now I am reading for fun:

Koko Takes A Holiday by Kieran Shea is a rollicking violent good time. I could not put down Koko Takes A Holiday. Without spoilers, Koko is a former mercenary in a future where the world goes to shit. Retired from the merc life she runs a bordello on The Sixty, an island group devoted to pleasures of all kind. Then someone tries to kill her.

Star Wars Aftermath by Chuck Wendig, I picked this up right after finishing Koko Takes A Holiday. I am about a-third of the way through and I am enjoying every moment. I was not a fan of the bloated beast that Star Wars became, so for me, a restart is a good thing. Aftermath is a good start. Shortly after the second Death Star was blown up the war continues on and that is where this book starts-the remnants of the Empire are attempting to organize while the New Republic is trying to do likewise. So far, a very Star Wars feel.






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