Live Tweeting Primping and Preening


damn this is harder than I thought to keep the expletives down.  For the moment I will focus on the fun and silly shit…

Last night, I was invited to my first Raid mission in Destiny. A Raid is a six-person, multipart event that takes a commitment of time and a learning curve, unless like me five experienced players are part of the team. They made sure I knew what to expect, although their description of “just a bunch of jumps,” was minimalizing a platforming section that had me flashing back to my childhood and my nemesis Mario. I hate platformers. But I survived and had fun.

Today, I tried to live Tweet. Oh, here is my Twitter Page, I probably should include that for those interested in following me on Twitter-I do more than attemtpt to live Tweet classes-so live Tweeting…

  • either I have to learn to type A LOT faster on the Ipad or the professor has to talk a lot slower
  • hashtags on the fly, are a pain
  • live Tweeting is distracting to me and I was the person trying…go figure

After the fact, it was suggested that I do summary Tweets, a wrap-up of things that happened. It seems more my typing speed on the Ipad.

[Deep Breath] For four years I have witnessed behavior in classes that makes me glad that I am not an educator (the patience and tolerance exhibited by most of my professors borders on the supernatural-hats off to you, because I could not do it), probably could not be an educator in a professional setting, and at times get me wondering about the state of the whole thing-i.e. where are the priorities of the students-from sleeping in class (one student fell out of a chair) to non-stop talking to texting to Facebooking to shopping for shoes (her taste in shoes was questionable)…today was something new…

I have seen women use the cameras on their phones to see what they looked like. I have not seen this done in class. Further, I have not seen this done by two women to adjust their hair and make-up; one women used the light on her phone to provide better lighting to the other woman. I probably would not have thought anything of this beyond the obvious, “why are they there,” if…

a boy…man…male, had not joined them-camera, hairbrush, and all. What the fuck? Education too boring? Know it all, if so get up there and teach. Watching the three of them primping and preening for their cameras out of the corner of my eye was amusing and annoying. Annoying because why bother being in class if your appearance is that important? Annoying because I haven’t seen behavior along those lines since my first year and my first year I was this close to walking away and I don’t like feeling like that. Amusing because watching three human beings primp and preen like birds during mating season for…their cameras…maybe in a bar or other social situation where they were interacting with someone instead of themselves…was funny.


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