Mass Media Bee Attack Game

Weeks 1 and 2 are in the books. Both weeks were shaky. Meaning that I was close to making to call to get my graduation for December, instead of May. However, the end of Week 2 has taken some of that urge away. Hopefully, what happened today is how most of the rest of the weeks went.

Mass MediaThe picture is of a gift from a friend and what I learned today in class. No, not about Bob Barker or that the National Examiner is one of the best sources of news; Bat Boy is real! The “paper” was used as part of a quick examination of print media to illustrate how different sources are not as different as we might thing.

As part of the examination, seven groups were given a different newspaper or magazine and told to find the following: number of advertisements, who wrote each article looking specifically staff writer or non-staff writer, number of hard and soft news stories, and who the audience was.

Sounds simple. Was simple. Was fun, especially when the results rolled in. With the exception of the “do nothings” who had Cosmo magazine and said “1” for number of advertisements, and “1” for number of hard news and “not sure” for soft, everyone else had fun and provided some interesting data.

The average for ads was around 15 with 50+ being an extreme. Most of the print media was soft news (entertainment) vs hard news, with the exception of one source that was mostly hard news. Authorship seemed split between staff writers and non-staff writers. I am going to guess that sources like Reuters and Associated Press would appear a lot if that were broken down. Readership, mostly state or national. Local news was under represented, even in print media with local names. The point of the exercise was to demonstrate the effects upon print media and to have some fun. Not a bad way to end the week.

And that was school.

Sorry for the interruption, I had to kill a bee in the bathroom. I do not know how bees get into the bathroom, but when they do I am called to kill it and kill it I do. I do not have a tolerance or relocation plan for bees in the bathroom, after a bee ninja attacked me in the bathroom two years ago.

Before the bee, I was transitioning into plans for the weekend. We were going to be at a yard sale on campus selling stuff, but the school canceled the yard sale. Free weekend! There is a trip planed to two used bookstores, looking for medieval cookbooks/information, plus used bookstores are cool.

The kids are building their Skulls and Shackles characters. Once that is done, we set sail on the highseas of adventure…ugh that sounded cliche.

Between Skulls and Shackles games I will be attempting to make my first pork belly dish. I found a place that sells pork belly, I bought some, and this weekend I will be making a pork belly dish. I am pretty damn excited.


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