Our Day in Picture and Verse

This was the day we talked about and needed. In search of information and getting away from here, plus to celebrate Barb successful completion of her second rotation, we traveled to Grand Rapids in search of used bookstores. This is our day…

Used BooksThis is a picture of a portion of our purchases at Argos and Redux bookstores. They are located side-by-side and offer different experiences. Both are extremely friendly; staff was more than happy to take me or our boy to one section or another. Argos is larger and has a lot of comic book and games. Redux is quieter, more organized, and had exactly what I was looking for-old cookbooks…except the ones I was shown started at $200.

In the photo is a chess book for our girl, three old Dungeons and Dragons books for Barb, an erotica and human sexuality book for me, and the last book is a cookbook from 1938. Recipes are a single paragraph, no ingredient list, just a single paragraph. AWESOME! Other books not in the photo, two YA adults for our boy, a comic books for me, a graphic novel for our girl, and a role-playing book for our boy. All USED.

BandThe band was playing outside of Argos. When we arrived they were tuning, by the time we left, they were in full swing with a small audience all taking video.

Wandering around downtown Grand Rapids we stopped, for the first time, at Vault of Midnight. A giant comic book shop with a nice selection of games. Very clean, very bright, very organized, with a friendly and organized staff. Alas, there wasn’t anything that caught our eye…okay there was, but the prices are a bit much.

Kitty CarIts a cat car. This was parked outside of Rider’s Hobby Shop. We stopped there because we had a craving for new dice. No, we do not need new dice, but we wanted them. Unfortunately, no new dice. 😦 There was the cat car.

After Rider’s we stopped into Shuler Books. We have seen this place across the street each time we go to the mall and always say, “we should go there.” Today we did. If you can picture a Borders or Barnes and Nobles, you know what Shuler Books looks like. However, they have used books with new books. This did create some confusion, because some sections new and used are mixed together and in others they are not. Prices on used books are good and the kids did find books they were looking for.

PusheenBooks found. We headed home.




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