Today Is, Tomorrow Will Be

I’m rubbing my eyes, trying not to take a nap on my keyboard. I am pretty sure I just posted some rambling nonsense on a class discussion board, but I don’t want to find out if  I did, so I am pretending I wrote some really smart shit. Sometimes I need to just take the nap and go back at it later. That’s not who I am.

Why am I tired? Because it is football season duh! 🙂 Barb and I are football fans. She likes the Packers (boo, hiss) and I am a Vikings fan (cheers). Most of all we enjoy watching games; Sunday’s do not bother us. Hell, Monday night, Thursday night, Saturday if there is a college game we want to watch, and of course Sundays. I stayed up to watch the game and post game. This should not have been a problem, except to get the kids off to school wake up is around 6:30 in the morning. Thus, I am tired…only a bit tired.

SilosClass today was all about silos of communication/media. You can see that from the picture. Well you could if you zoomed in. I am not anyone in the photo, in case you were wondering. Each category is a different media and the characteristics are what make that media-in theory what makes that media unique, but as you can see that they share a lot as they move further along.

In a few hour football resumes, that is today…in broad strokes.

Tomorrow, while you are going about your day, try to imagine me sitting in front of the television. On the television is Destiny the Taken King. I am playing reasonably well. Why reasonably well, because on another television is Furious 7. I am a huge fan of the Fast and Furious series. If you know me this will seem odd, as I do not like cars. Barb drives.

tokyo-drift-volkswagen-tourHowever, for one reason or another the brightly colored cars racing along, interesting characters, and fill-in-the-blank story really caught my attention. Tokyo Drift is still my favorite of the series. I really desire to be in Japan for one thing, another was the music, next was the cars and decorations, and finally the Hulk car.

So to recap, distractedly playing the Taken King, watching Furious 7, and in my lap is Out of the Abyss, the latest Dungeons and Dragons release. Something about the Underdark and demons. I’m fine with that, as most likely I will be looking at the pictures until I have the time-read post Furious 7-to read the book.

Of course, I will only be doing this after my homework. I have to set an example for the kids. 🙂



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