23 1/2 Hours (Now Edited With Sleep)

I should have learned by now not to open my mouth. Really I should. Yesterday, I joked with a professor that I was going to skip class today to play Destiny the Taken King. Yesterday, I wrote how I would be playing the Taken King, while watching Furious 7, and flipping through Out of the Abyss. These were things I was going to do, not the skip school part, I paid for it and I should go.

I did not foresee my night.

After watching the Vikings get their collective asses handed to them, but before heading upstairs for sleep, our girl came hobbling down the stairs in tears and a lot of pain. She has been dealing with off and on leg cramps and we assumed this was a larger more painful one of those, but it quickly became apparent that something was different.

Since doctors respond better to Barb and I can stay up all night and make sure our boy got off to school, she took our girl to the ER and I waited here. Many texts and long hours letter they came home. Transient Synovitis or joint inflammation. No infection, no nothing, other than an inflamed joint which was painful. Transient Synovitis combined with our girl trying to walk on her toes to ease the pain tweaked her leg adding to the pain. However, other than the pain she was fine. Some pain meds and she went to bed.

The adults, did not go to bed. Could not go to bed. Both of us were “awake;” the usual post-mortem discussion on the ER visit; what needed to get done the following morning-i.e. get meds, and what we should do. You would think sleep, but both of us were hungry. We talked about food and watched Garden State, but did not eat.

Barb fell asleep on the couch around 4:30. I was up until 6:00 am; making for a 23 1/2 hour day. Then I woke up to Barb’s alarm at 6:30 am. Phone calls to schools were made-both of us were too tired to deal with getting anyone ready for school, let alone out to the bus. Besides, our girl was out cold. The only person up, was our boy, who was baffled when we told him to go back to bed.

Several hours later, I missed my class-not that I would have done anything other than stare off into the distance and drool, all of us woke up, mostly refreshed. Our girl is doing much better today, but like I said above, this pain has been off and on, which is what the specialist said happens. It will run its course, cross fingers, in a week or so.

Did I get to do what I wrote and joked I was going to do? Yes, in a way. The Taken King was up when I got up and has been a blast to play.  Out of the Abyss did not arrive until 2pm and I have yet to crack the cover, although that is the plan after this post. Furious 7…I am looking at it right now.  Maybe later, after a good meal, I will live out my “dream.”

Probably, going to get some sleep. 🙂


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