There Is Only One (edited)

Tad bit dramatic. However, the point remains. As of today, there is only this blog. Scrawlings is gone. Brainstorm lives on, but without me. And the various side blogs I started or participated in for one reason or another are gone. I have culled posts from all of them, so be prepared to see some posts here that you may have seen elsewhere in addition to the regular post of the day.

I did not choose to make this change to one blog lightly. I spent a lot of time pondering the implications of closing down blogs, as there is the audience to consider. However, in the end, having one place is a lot easier on me and you in the long run.

So what is next? Well…

Speaking Out on Life is not going anywhere, yet. There is a long term plan to move to self-hosting where I can do more of what I want to do without someone looking over my shoulder and wagging the finger of NO at me. That move is down the road.

Next up is social media integration. No ads, other than those provided by WordPress. I will be, as I work through the mound of data I have, integrating my social media sites into this blog to create a stronger-unified image, if that makes sense. I may as part of this create social media just for this blog as part of the long term strategy to move onto something bigger and more lasting. As always I will keep everyone informed.

Content wise, the daily posts will not change-food, games (I have a couple of new ones), and life. Moving erotica here did not seem to cause anyone any problems or at least no one has said anything to me. I will be adding more over the next few months.

…human sexuality will be making a return. Very slowly as I test the waters. I used to write a daily/weekly article about human sexuality on other blogs that were well received. However, those blogs were not this blog. I can say that the articles will be posted like the erotica, as part of a dropdown menu under a master page. The human sexuality articles will have a password. I do this for a few reasons:

  • Privacy
  • Security
  • A Faux Age Verification

In other words, passwords while inconvenient are a necessary evil on WordPress. If you click on an article and you enter the password, then you have made a choice. The choice to read what I have written about human sexuality and while you can speak out on the topic, you cannot say you did not know. CYA as best I can.

Other than Speaking Out on Life being my only blog, everything else above will occur in stages and with notice to you, the reader. Hopefully, everything moves slowly and everyone continues to have a good time.


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