Tying It Together

Welcome to the first summary and master plan post of the mass media class. Oh, yeah, this is college related stuff, but I promise it is interesting. Don’t tune out yet. I have written a few things about this class previous to this summary-see here and here for example. Funny, if you type in Mass Media into the search bar you get all sorts of posts of mine that are not necessarily related to this class. See, even I learn things here. 🙂

A summary post is supposed to show what I have learned in class and from the book and tie that together with my final paper. Which is a good thing for you, because my final paper is also related, if not the same, as my plan for this blog and greater plans.

Three weeks in, here is my big take away: who owns the media provides the message that they want you to hear and purchase and you, being humans, tend to find media that fits the image and views that you have of yourself or that match your images and views, which means you purchase their product (the message) and the products they advertise (stuff) and everyone is happy…

Did you get that?

Media, which can be print, radio, television and for those McLuhan fans clothing, pens, and so on is owned by X number of people and companies. A smaller number of X each year. They do not provide the media for free. They want to make money. Doesn’t matter who or what media, money or power or influence is an end.

Human beings seek out things which reinforce their self-images. Most people do not do something on a regular basis, that is contrary to who they think they are or who they see themselves as. This means that the media you watch, own, or use, is most likely aimed at you by people who know you…well the archetype of you. I don’t think media is watching just yet.

So, you (this includes me), have sought out media that reinforces who you are and who you want to be…I know I want to drink beer, smell great, and have throngs of women throwing themselves at me while I eat fast food on the beech playing volley ball as the sunsets just right…Oh, that’s right I don’t which is why I don’t consume that media, but I do watch Dexter…does that say something about what I want to be?

Honestly, that is the big takeaway from three weeks. There are plenty of smaller takeaways, such as the similarity between various types of media that should not be that similar-National Examiner (a fine source of news-BAT BOY IS REAL!) and the Detroit News or Cosmo. Maybe those three examples are not divergent enough…oh well you work with what you have. 🙂

Take aways aside, how does all of this relate to my final paper? Crap? I haven’t told you my final paper have I? My final paper is this blog and the plans to move this blog to self-hosting. From self-hosting tie together all of the various media related things I do; blogging, writing, publishing, and so on a variety of different subjects. This is something I have wanted to do, but due to a lack of…information, gumption, urge, data, knowledge…have not done yet. This class and the final paper seemed like a perfect time to put college to use.

At the moment, the class has not covered the material I am looking for, which is social media and how this whole interwebs thing is connected to understand how to make the best out of each piece. However, there is plenty of time and I am learning all sorts of things, see above.


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