A Pirate Life For Us

Oh Skulls and Shackles, you are wily game. It was talk like a pirate day yesterday, which is why we played Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Skulls and Shackles. Okay, that’s not why, but it was a happy coincidence. Unless you are at the table with two children who add “argh,” “avast,” and “swarthy” to everything. Fine, that was pretty fun too.

We started out with Lini the druid (or Doctor Doolittle), Lirianne the gunslinger (Clint Eastwood), Seltyiel the warlock (Spell Stabber), and Oloch the warpriest (Smash Priest). Not exactly the first pirate crew you would imagine. And it turned out, not the best pirate crew for us. Lirianne was fine, I should know she is my character and I blasted foes apart with glee. A paper version of Destiny if you will. Oloch was also fine. Odd, but fine. What else do you call a character that can bash, buff, and heal, but not do any of them great.

Lini was our first problem. Our girl loves animals and loves playing Lini because Lini gets animals and that would have been fine with us, except the Skulls and Shackles version of Lini does not do the same things with animals as her Rise of the Runelords version. Skulls and Shackles Lini does not get a 1d4 just for having an animal. She gets nothing other than what the animal provides and often that was not what we needed. Lini became Jirelle the Swashbuckling Pirate Queen and life has been better, at least our ship doesn’t have as huge of a hole.

Next problem was Seltyiel. Nothing wrong with the warlock. Except that Barb who played Damiel through Rise of the Runelords where was a drought of alchemical gear was drooling over all of the alchemical gear in Skulls and Shackles. Now we have an alchemist and a lot of potions.

And all of this happened while we were playing through the adventure from the base set. Where we encountered more problems than we expected. Doors, locks, going overboard, bucket brigades, and barroom brawls to name a few problems. But all of these problems paled in comparison to the Charisma check.

I don’t know what else to say; we may be pirates with jolly nicknames, but as a whole we are ugly socially maladjusted people and it is no wonder that anything with a Charisma check was greeted with a round of groans. Need that ally, burn a blessing. Need to talk to the Pirate Council, everyone burn a blessing and pray for a good roll to boot.

Dragons, an indestructible giant turtle, enemy ships, undead, and more were cake. Make any of us have to talk and behave all nice-like to get something done and we were screwed. I worry that Charisma checks may become enough of an issue that another character is replaced with someone with a high Charisma and if you remember A-Team Face did nothing other than mug for the camera. There is no time to mug for the camera.



8 thoughts on “A Pirate Life For Us

  1. Nice theme change. 🙂

    Homework was to be done as soon as we got home from school when I was young. I didn’t usually mind. And since we weren’t allowed to play outside after dark, I typically got through mine fairly quickly so I could get my “outside time.” My little brother, on the other hand, never quite figured out that he was losing outside time / play time / after-school cartoon time (GI Joe!) / skate time (in the winter months, the park next door became a public ice rink) by lollygagging.


    1. Ankoku1331

      Oh the days when children could play outside at night…I’m hoping they can do that when we get away from here, but nighttime here is filled with teens driving too fast, drunk students, and other things of the night.


      1. We used to have to be in by dark. But “dark” comes at 4:30 in the midwestern winter, so my mom made certain allowances.

        Different times. Sigh.

        *shaking my old person fist*


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