Homework Blues

It’s Monday, which means homework. Not for me. I do have some, but I do my homework in a timely fashion and don’t sit at the gaming table pouting the whole time. Our kids do though. Every Monday without fail the following happens:

  • I make room on the game table, turning it into the homework table
  • The children mope inside
  • The children drop all of their homework on the floor
  • The children profess how hungry, bored, tired, etc. all they are
  • The children AND homework find their way to the table
  • The children spend five to ten minutes finding the “perfect” pencil, regardless of all of the pencils on the gaming table
  • The children profess that they hate homework
  • The children moan and groan about how homework is not fair
  • The children attempt to negotiate how much homework they should do
  • A child, admits that they “forgot” their homework, at least once a month
  • That child is assigned cleaning chores to do instead
  • The children shuffle their homework around
  • The children do the easiest homework first
  • The children who could count before homework hit the table suddenly cannot count
  • The children who could form complete sentences, can only whine while homework is on the table
  • Pencils are not sharp enough
  • Erasers are not erasie enough
  • The children begin their homework
  • The children do their homework slow, complaining the entire time
  • The children claim to be unable to do homework they did last week
  • The children cannot find their spelling lists
  • The children complain that spelling is hard
  • The children wonder outloud what is the point of homework

And so it goes…

every Monday.

On Tuesday, is the weekly task of reminding them to return the homework to school.

I remember being a kid, I did not like homework, so I get that they don’t either. Homework takes away from play time and play time is important. I don’t recall when I learned to get it out of the way and then I have the rest of the time to play, but I wish I could get these two to understand that for them homework is. That’s it, homework is. There is no avoiding homework.



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