Change is Afoot


You may have noticed that something is different, but were unable to put your finger upon the exact thing, like when a friend gets a hair cut that looks like every other hair cut. I have changed themes. After a year (slightly over) I felt a change was due. Now, I am not…what’s the word I am looking for…certain. Yes, certain, about this particular theme. Part of that is because I have been looking at the same blog for a year.

Part of that is because while there are elements of this theme I like, the two columns of information with post in the middle and how pages are handled. There are things I am not happy with, such as the search bar which may not work and the spacing. I am interested in what you the reader the user thinks of the this theme.

Is this theme/layout useable for you?

Can you find what you want easily?


Next up in the change is afoot category, page names. The original blog name was going to be Speaking Out on (insert topic), but that can be confusing and looks odd which is why I choose On Life. Over time and on other blogs I have added pages with different names, when consolidating here I wanted to have one unified theme. Hopefully, all it makes sense. If not speak out.

  • Game We Play is now …On Games We Play, which may get shortened to …On Games or …On Playing
  • Scrawlings of a Man Man is now …On Erotica
  • This is Who I am is now …On Me

Hopefully this makes it easier for new readers to find what they are looking for. Over the next few weeks the header pages will get an update or two and a new page header will be added …On Human Sexuality.


I am pondering, adding a …On Food header where I will post recipes, which will make finding them easier. I’m not sure on this, because I do not create a lot of original recipes, but I do write about my experiences with food, cooking, and cookbooks. If you have any thoughts on the subject, speak out.


Finally in the change department, thank you for bearing with these changes. I know change can be difficult or at least in the case of a new theme require a period of adjustment. Hopefully, the consolidation, expansion of content, and move forward will continue ahead smoothly. As always, I will do my best to keep you informed of my plans and I am always interested in your experiences here.


In the fun and here is what I learned in school today, the video below was shown in class. The point is philosophical, the lyrics and images in the cartoon are from the Symposium by Plato. Why am I showing this to you, because I have seen Hedwig and the Angry Inch, but at the time I had ZERO idea about the lyrics and images. I have read the Symposium, but did not connect Hedwig. Today, I saw this and suddenly, Hedwig, the Symposium, Plato, and some of the philosophy hit home. Enjoy.


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