Social Media Bot Beast

“Trolling,” responded Clever Bot.

“What would you say in response?” Paraphrased the Professor.

“I’d call it an asshat and turn it off,” said me from the back of the classroom.

Tall student in front of me, seriously this student is so tall I had to move my seat to see around him, turns to me and says, “That was the best use of asshat. Thank you for making my day.”

Clever Bot does not know what an asshat is and when asked if Clever Bot is indeed a bot, pretty obvious by this point if not by name alone, responds by asking if the Professor is a girl. Perhaps that was a bot version of an insult. Regardless, I think for the time being we are safe from the rise of the computers. Clever Bot would get put down quickly, even by a new Blade Runner.

And that is how we transition to, I am a social media BEAST! Maybe beast is an overstatement as until today I did not realize how much social media or places where you can find me I had. Now, I am not saying that I do anything particularly interesting with these things, in fact most of them are blog dump sites.

What is a blog dump site? Why that is a place where I send my blog in the hope of attracting more attention. Given that at one time or another sent ALL of my blogs to these places the hope may have been to attract an audience to that particular blog or topic. Which means, I most likely have some work to do on these sites.

However, if you are interested in where I am, in a social media way here are the places I can be found…

Twitter (I do like to post tweets)

Instagram (photos are a favorite of mine)

Pintrest (honestly until today I thought Barb was using mine, thus this needs A LOT of love-a lot of DuckTape Bondage stuff from our Etsy Duck Tape shop)

Tumblr (I do not like Tumblr as a blogging outlet, but is a good place to send my blogs, if that makes sense)

There you go, some places other than here to find me. Although, Tumblr is this blog on Tumblr. Twitter I like to have fun on, not as much as I could, but that is slowly changing. I like to take photos, often while walking around, and that is what my Instragram is, photos of where I have been or food. Pintrest…like I said up there, I thought Barb was using it to promote Tied Up In Tape, our Etsy Duck Tape shop. Which is why it looks like it does. That will change soon enough.

Not bad for my day so far. I learned that as Bots go we are safe, for now, and I am more online than I thought, which I am not sure of yet, but for now I will put it to use and have some fun to boot. 🙂




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