Reading Recharge Mode Finished

ACW_IA_10963I took a break from writing over the summer and in this semester. Took a break implies it was totally planned. It was not. From time to time I stop writing. I can’t really explain it other than to say that one moment the words are flying around me and the next they are gone and stay gone for a few weeks, at a minimum. Around those times I usually pick up a lot of books. I think of it as a reading recharge. This summer and up to last Thursday when I finished Dark Disciple was a reading recharge period. Speaking of Dark Disciple, if you were a fan of Clone Wars and wanted to read about Ventress, then get this book.

Yesterday in the shower, where inspiration lives, I was struck with ideas and solutions for several of the writing topics on my mind. As the day unfolded more ideas and solutions rolled in. So many that I took time to write them down. I haven’t done that since the beginning of summer.

Last night instead of playing Destiny, I broke out a my notebooks and pens. Within a half-hour I had a plan of action for…well lots of stuff. This morning I left early for class so I could have some time to write and in one of the main lobbies I wrote (not typed) wrote two pages of erotica. It felt good having a pen in hand and putting words or scratches to paper.

Post class, I penned a couple more pages. The feeling of pen on paper, watching the words flow, would be indescribable if I lacked the words, but I will start with great and move onto to joyous. I needed the break from writing. College writing is a mindfuck on writing or at least my writing. Endless papers and such that I don’t want to write, but need to write to pass classes. My mind gets in the mindset or rut of work-do it, do it well, but get it done. That does not leave a lot of room for creative writing or at least for me it does not.

Wait, you are saying, aren’t you still in college and isn’t that semester in swing? Yes and yes. However this semester is different from previous, I do not have a lot of writing centric classes. In fact, I have none. The couple of writing assignments have been small, fun, and related to my plans for this blog and my writing.

Which means, that here at the end of week four I have time to write. I am not bouncing from one writing assignment to the next. The fatigue from non-stop writing stuff I didn’t want to write about is not there; last year by now I was ready to cease calling myself a writer and call myself an assignmist-as in one who completes assignments.

Sitting next to this computer (oh yeah, you can’t see this…oops) is my notebook, open to the page with my writing notes…lets see:

Yep, looks like I have some writing to do and soon you will be able to read it. 🙂



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